The corrupt state

murderBeing ostracized, put in the dark, locked out, is an ancient method of rulers trying to control a given body of citizens or people. It can be done in many ways; murder, jailing, torture. The boundaries between the methods are often fluent. The persons treated by the state as aliens are often, if they are intellectuals, deified as heroes by the people and righteous foreign states. We held the system critics of the Soviet Union in such high regard, and we love Ayaan Hirsi Ali for her courageous fight against the islamic/multicultural state of the Netherlands.

These brave individuals are however, in the countries where they live, ridiculed and put in the gallow by the official state. We have had around fifty years of relative civilized behaviour by the states of Europe, but now the rulers are back in the old track.

This is my story, as a danish intellectual and critic of the state.

Three years ago I started critisizing the multicultural/islamic state of Denmark. Critisizing it labeled me as a racist and fascist by radical leftwingers.

I however continued my critisism and joined the organization “Stop Islamization of Denmark”. The organisation is very confrontational in its rethoric, but is a democratic organization with full respect for the law.

At one of the first meetings I joined with Stop Islamization of Denmark we were attacked by extremist leftwingers, and only because we could defend ourselves did we not have injuries of a lethal character. The leftwingers came to kill. This incident was ignored by the media.

The second time I was in real danger was at a meeting in Copenhagen at the human rights office. The arabs came to Denmark to try to tell us a lesson. At the meeting we were, once again, attacked by persons, presumeably leftwingers. They attacked the car of the chairman with ironclubs, and hit several people in the head, including an old lady. If I had been there, I would have been attacked as well.

This incident was also totally ignored by the media.

Now the danish state prides itself with its stand on human rights, it wrinkles its nose on “barbaric countries” with no respect for freedom of speech. Countries that prosecute intellectuals. Then why did the media ignore an attack on a political organization, and a possible kill of a philosopher?

Actually, are there any countries in the world that would try to kill a philosopher? I do not think so, even in the most primitive countries with no respect for any law, you still do not kill a philosopher. We are here to keep the states healthy, and we would never do anything to harm the community of the good.

And yet the danish state, including the media, tacitly condoned the actions of the leftwingers by keeping it in the dark, and letting them go free.

I mean, I have critizised Islam quite a lot, and the muslims of Denmark accept that, because they know, that a philosopher should be treated with respect. The danish state has looked the other way, while radical leftwingers tried to kill me.

This is why I think the problem of Denmark is the corruption of the state, rather than solely the actions of the radical muslims. At least the muslims have ideals they strife to uphold; justice. The state is just corrupt and unethical.

More documentation (in danish):

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