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The corruption of society takes enoumous leaps, so fast now, it is hard to follow these leaps into destruction. Yesterday I looked at some of the pictures taken from Haiti. The pictures somehow burned themselves on my retinas, and in the night i woke up in alarm. The pictures of Haiti are pictures of a state in total disarray, a state in the clutches of the junglelaw.

It has been cooking for a long time. The tragedy of the poor haitians is not a tragedy that has only come with the earthquake, but a tragedy that has been piled up for so long. In Africa, before the colonization, beautiful civilisations where present. They had it all figured concerning gender. It was a beautiful place with ethics and virtues to strife for. The legacy of this world before colonialization is still there to grasp the mind of the africans. But in Haiti, where most of the inhabitants are from Africa none of this ancient legacy is kept in memory. No ideals are there, and everything just becomes what the animal in man dictates; the rule of the strong. Mobrule.

The pictures are horrific; murder, plundering, and all the worst in mankinds repetoire of evil is present. The law is abolished, and the rule of the strong is reimplemented. We feel safe behind our computerscreens. Somehow the suffering of a far away people takes a little of the pressure off our shoulders. Someone are worse off than we, we think.

Well, perhaps the abyss that the haitians are falling into is a prelude to what we will encounter if we are not sharp on the challenges that we are confronted with.

What we see in Haiti is chaos. The end cycle of democracy is also chaos. Exactly the same menagerie could be ours in Denmark if we are not very careful. Because chaos is what we will taste if law breaks down in our lands as well. It is not because we have not ohad warnings; shootings, rapings, theft, hedonism. All signs of corruption in society.

So what are the measures we have to solve the problem? After all, it is not the first time in history decay has ruined a democracy. Well it is quite simple, we have to take responsabillity. The friends should be responsable to their friends, the familymembers should be responsable to other familymembers. We should help and aid each other. If someone sees a rape, they should help the rapevictim. If someone can help the police in a murdercase, they should help the police. And first of all, because that is the basic problem. The state should be responsable to its citizens. Right now the state is focused on foreigners living in Denmark. So many ressources of the state is put into integration projects of this and that kind. Stop it, put the money at the hands of the citizens. The state cannot in all eternity use its ressources on people who are not paying to the state, and, in many cases, not loyal to the state.

People can live in Denmark, if they behave within the rule of law, and they are not a burden to society, but they cannot receive vast portions of the state funding.

Well, one might think that I am mean to all the hapless immigrants that come here in search for a brighter future. Well, I am not angry on any of the immigrants that come here. Many are my friends, but that does not make them the danes. That does not make them a part of my community, they belong to some other community. And if they want to become danes, they should work and strife for that right. And still after being accepted there should be long phase of intermediary citizensship, where they can loose it again if they are not loyal to the state.

That is how a state should run things. And that is how most states in the world run things. It is the normality of a state.

And that normality should be reintroduced. Yes we are under pressure form international bodies, but it is our land, and it should remain so.

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