The horror of danish intellectualism

The Egyptians had a very funny way of seeing spirit as something present but yet impossible to see. The explanation is natural, physical and yet spiritual. They held in their ideology that everything is made of energy. Some energy vibrates at a very slow rythm, other energy vibrates at a very fast rythm. Some energy vibrates so fast that human beings cannot see it.

This is more or less a description of how it is to be a philosopher i Denmark. Kierkegaard was very tired of it, Grundtvig really had problems with censorship. Grønbech just gave up.

This is how it is for me as well. Let me give you an example. These days an iranian philosopher Mr. Darius Shayegan is the guest of a university in Århus. We are advesaries, he has supported the Iranian Islamic republic, i support the danish democracy. As we both should. He bases his ideas on the spiritual ideas of the islamic tradition, namely the tradition of sufism. I respect that, sufism is parrallel to gnosticism in the christian areas and kabbalism in the jewish faith. It is platonic in the sense that Plato represents the tradition that were in Hellas in his time. Traditions based on mesopotamic and egyptian theory.

Now the so called “philosopher” Stjernfelt, who is really just a theoretician in language, with no interest in metaphysics, natural science, politics or cosmology, critizise the iranian philosopher because he is a sufi. This angle is a disgrace to danish academia, it shows us off as ignorants. There is nothing wrong with sufism, as long as it respects the boundaries of the secular state. What is wrong is the elements of sharia and chaliphate (sunni-Saud’i arabia). And on the iranian side the combination of islamic priesthood and democracy (shia-Iran). Because these systems are competitors to the danish model of a secular state with no religion as a base of the law and the democratic process.

And the list goes on. The socalled “chief advocate” Machanga does not know anyhing about the basis of law, namely justice. The christian debater Lilleør does not know anything about christianity, when the discussion about the poor girls who are mutilated by primitive muslim parents and uncles started, she defended the uncles!. The editor of the liberal online newspaper 180 grader Ole Birk Olesen, thinks that I am crazy. Meanwhile Birk Olesen argues for the absurd idea that only uncivilized persons critisize Islam. He is one of the most uncivilized editors in the history of danish media!

My conclusion can be only one. It is the stupidity, the ignorance of the socalled danish intellectuals that is the problem. They do not know anything, they have no moral integrity, they are uncivilized. Because of this the democratic debate is hindered.

Some say that ignorance is bliss. Well it might be so for the ignorant, but for the ones who actually have knowledge, it is a horror.

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