The phoenecian lesson

In a breath the vast armies of Hannibal occupies the motherland of the romans. Audacious, competent, intelligent and unimaginably succesful does Hannibal defend the colours of the phoenecians. An ancient semitic tribe of the middle east. Today alive in some pockets of neglect. But once an imposing, enthralling and advanced culture. Can we learn a little from the breakdown of that imposing civilisation? Do we face a situation similar to the phoenicians?First of all. The phoenicans were very advanced, but they were not really warlike. And when the threat of Rome emerged in the north, they had no idea what to do. The beginning of the punic wars showed this in all simplicity. The romans simply walked over the phoenicians, shattering their identity to the core. The phoenicians did not know how to use an army, and they lost.The Romans, at the other hand, were very well organized, and first of all, they were uncorrupt. That gave the disciplin to raise armies and to organize the war continually.

The great counterstrike by the phoenicians was made by Hannibal. But basically Hannibal, more or less, acted on his own. The Barca family, one of the greatest phoenicians families conquered Spain and levied ressources and soldiers from there.

To be clear about the stance of the phoenicians versus the romans. The phoenicans were basically corrupt, vain and soft, while as the romans were brave and determined.

So the difference lies in the ethical stance of the two opponents.

Now let us have a look at the west. Most of the elite is vain, corrupt and soft. Instead of meeting the threat of Islam directly, they tend to give in and life another day. Why bother? It goes to the extreme, as here in Denmark, where the state protects the enemies, and tries to bring down the allies and the supporters of the state.

We are in a deep state of corruption. Not neccesaraly economic, but morally.

Now, how can we remedy the situation? One first lesson to be learned from the roman side, is the basis of the moral stance. In the roman camp, there were no slacking. If one did not do his duty, the punishment was very severe.

That is, unfortunately the methods we have to embark on if we wish to redisciplin the West. We have to punish corrupt betrayal severly. If you are a traitor, you will be punished. First of all, we have to work with the state. The bureaucracy has to learn, the hard way, that accomodating the enemy is not the way to go about. The secret service, that is in a deep mess, should be severly punished. The different media outlets that is making practical censureship should be punished, and so on.

We have to reintroduce disciplin.

Then we should start appreciating the defenders of the nations; the soldiers, the priests, the conservative businesslife. Not in economic terms, but in terms of gratitude and support.

This may seem hard in the beginning. But we should be realistic. Do we win a war by accomodating and giving in, or do we win a war be fighting back?

I say fight back.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    June 24th, 2010 at 15:16 | #1

    Why, The ethical deterioration? The entire human condition, which for most people is a life of pain and suffering, can only be changed by spiritual means and enlightenment. Most people, by now, really crave enlightenment. Religion has spent 2000 years with useless rituals, traditions, funny costumes, hats and hand signs trying to enlighten some individuals, and attempting to improve the spiritual life of mankind, but have clearly been udder failures, everywhere, and in every religion. From now on, how to become enlightened, spirituality and the truth about mankind, and his relation to other men and the Creator, will be the only answers people truly want and need. Without these truths the world will continue on its downward path to total chaos and destruction, which clearly is the hope for some jerks, as you can see. Some people think only the poor and unfortunate suffer. Not true. Sure, the minority with wealth and power have periods of “get offs”, but they still have the pain and suffering, and still hurt others – the most unhappy miserable people we’ve ever met, weren’t the poor, they were millionaires and billionaires – believe it or not, it’s true.
    THE ONLY FIX, is to fix the spiritual condition. No arrests, no fighting, no legislation, no medical aid, no food aid, no financial aid to relief organizations, no free tickets, no army, no new law enforcement measures, no immigration changes, no expanding of law enforcement rights, WILL EVER, nor CAN EVER, change it. You see, If mankind knew better, they would do better, so ignorance is the real problem. Only spiritual truths can change it. And it can only be one person at a time – a candle lighting a candle. You can only change yourself, then hang around to provide an opportunity to change others, you can never change someone else in any way other than really loving them, and setting an example. Sure, you can expose them to the truth, and maybe they’ll get it. Still, you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make them drink unless they themselves want to.
    Thus, helping others spiritually is of the highest priority. (‘Spiritual’ means, the real truth about everything that has to do with life as it was originally meant to be, by The Creator of life)
    All of our physical primate (mammal) bodies eventually die. Our selfishness and ego in the brains grey matter will die, but Souls are forever. And whether we choose to give the control of our life to our self-ego in the brain which is mortal, or to our Soul, and God, has a far greater impact on our physical lives, than the other way around. It determines whether or not we go through life with a self-ego that is blind and suffering, and thus making the bad decisions and living a pitiful selfish life that makes the suffering worse and hurts others too, or, go through life caring about others instead of self, feeling the “good pain” of compassion, but helping others to find love, God, freedom from their self suffering, truth, peace and happiness.
    Thus, helping others spiritually is of the highest priority. We consider anything that helps people spiritually, gives them an opportunity for change, or is a resource for that, is of utmost importance, and will get even more important as the days go by, because things in this world and civilisation are going to get much worse. And only finding and returning to the Creator, the first cause, (Not religion) again, is going to get you free from it, and help you get others free from it. Wars, killings, gangs, rape, robbery, torture, etc., are all a result of a world full of selfish separate selves who are cut off from their Source or God, and don’t care about each other, etc.
    By the modern definitions of religions which have been grossly altered and perverted over time, we are Christians, we are Buddhists, we are Zoroastrians/the Magi, we are Jews, etc. We “fit into” any religious branch who’s priorities are following the will of God (a Universal Spirit/One God that is all, everywhere – not a human-like God created in some religious Men’s image), allowing free will as long as it hurts no one, and caring for ALL, regardless of faith (or lack of faith). But for those religions who make their dogma, traditions, rituals, hand signs, costumes and bizarre hats their priority, we don’t fit in. We hold the above things, truth and universal laws to be more important than dogma, and don’t allow dogma to form within our truths. Rather than resting on our laurels and adopting a fixed dogma, we constantly pursue truth and perfection. We want truth more than we want to defend our selves, or our beliefs, or maintain our personal comforts and security. We want to be as perfect as possible, knowing that it is a forever ongoing goal that is ever before us, and never where we stop. We adopt and use that which helps achieve that goal. We want criticism and truth, because it will help us always be moving on the never ending path towards perfection, towards being the most unselfishly loving servant of The Creative Force/God possible. That is an ever changing evolutionary process that goes on – forever. That is why these truths are important to those who value the ancient teachings, because as we evolve, flow and adapt to the changing times, we can discuss issues that are not in “the book”, presenting the broad Universal viewpoint that the truths bring to us, and bring us to, on all kinds of subjects.
    But remember, because such a Universal viewpoint represents the opposite of a limited selfish separate self viewpoint, our opinions and truth that are given in this, will eventually conflict with many of the beliefs and programming most of you are attached to. And possibly with the various paths, philosophies, or beliefs you may have had in the past, and may still be holding on to. This is a common occurrence during the process of growth. You will come to things that need to be re-examined, and perhaps let go of in the face of real truth and growth. Sure, most of you have had valid beliefs and practices that have helped you, and seemed/were true at the time, but methods of spiritual growth are like a boat you use to cross a river. If you hang on to the boat once you get to the other side, then you can’t go on. We are here to help people keep finding new boats that are real, and let go of the old ones that no longer serve a helpful purpose. Another way of looking at it is, let’s say you’re a primitive who’s been making fires by rubbing sticks together your whole life. Hey, it works. But if someone shows you a better way to make your fire, what would you do? This insight is for those who understand that the information are the epitome of non-dogmatic pure universal spiritual truths, and welcome them as that. Thus, they should be read with at least a little humility, an open mind, and at least a bit of respect. Shouldn’t you listen to anything with an open mind, heart, and desire for truth at all costs? Let alone such a resource as these? Please don’t get us wrong, we welcome disagreement or criticism, but only if it is respectful disagreement with an open mind, a willingness to hear a truthful response, and a desire for coming to a mutual truth and understanding. All I, or anyone who’s going in the right direction wants, is to find the truth, live by the truth, NOT just to appear “right” about our opinions or beliefs, like so many people do. We aren’t interested in who’s right and who’s wrong, only truth. Truth that leads to better becoming a servant of the Universal Laws and Principles/God, and simultaneously, a servant of all.
    We want to say this again. If one is still mired in selfishness, of course some of what we write is going to find resistance and perhaps animosity. Because the recurring theme behind the teachings, which I continue on through these messages, is to starve out selfishness, and switch to a life of self sacrifice. It’s going to “rub your selfishness/selfish programming the wrong way”. So if you subscribe to these messages, you should have the attitude of WANTing that. You should be aware of, prepared for, your “self/programming” to act up every so often. But rather than letting your self react negatively, you should be thankful for the opportunity it gives you. And keep in mind that since you are only seeing things from your programming, and from the tiny perspective of your selfish separate self’s view, your perspective will NEVER be fully accurate. No one receiving these messages is enlightened yet (no enlightened being has need for them, so they wouldn’t subscribe to them). So please consider that before you jump to negative conclusions about any truth from us. All the best to you.
    I am humbly Rene’ Descartes.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 25th, 2010 at 18:47 | #2

    Dear Descartes

    Again amazing insigth, I really appreciate it. I however disagree with you on one point. First of all, spirituality cannot serve as the only remedy to mankinds folly. There are people who will not accept a spirituel or true path. They are corrupted, and no matter how much you talk or try sway them over, they will stay corrupt. They are simply out of reach. These you have to treat like animals. Because that is what they, basically. They follow their own folly.

    Now animals should be treated in two ways, with appreciation and punishment. That is the way you change their behaviour.

    That does not mean that you have to unfairly harsh with them. You should simply apply the necessary means to change their behaviour. That is the project that we have to embark on with the upper layers of rulers in the West. They are corrupt and soft, we have harden them, otherwise they will give in to Islam. That is only possible through punishment. You do not get to be grown up by having appreciation, you grow up by facing humiliation and punishment.

    I am sorry, I am not the one who control the west right now. I did not choose for the elite, they chose for themselves, and they are running the West to its grave.

    That has to be stopped, otherwise you are also to pay. That is simply the way of materialism and nature.

    Spirit is the way one chooses after maturity. We are not dealing wiht mature persons, we are dealing with infants.

  3. Rene’ Descartes
    June 26th, 2010 at 15:44 | #3

    Humility, is what everybody hates.

    You cannot really learn unless you are humble. Period. You cannot grow unless you are humble. Period. To be humiliated, which is often looked at as a “bad” thing is actually a great goodness. Being appreciated, given attention to, glorified, praised – those are harmful to humility. Humiliation could be the greatest gift someone could give to you. To be willing to be a fool, and to really see and admit mistakes, and shortcomings, is what makes true greatness in anything.

    Humility is the opposite of being egotistical, or self-centred, or arrogant, or feeling superior. It is the way of true love, being receptive to God, surrendering to the Universal Spirit, the Universal Will, flowing, and being in harmony with the Universe. Humility is the most endearing and beautiful quality. It is the most important quality you could ever have, either as a student, or as a true teacher serving God.

    To a person who lags humility, ‘appearing’ to ‘be right’ is more important than actually ‘being right’ (which might require admitting making a mistake in order to correct one self so they can actually be right) A person who is humble, doesn’t ‘personally’ or ‘selfishly’ care if they are right or wrong, they are just concerned with being right for the sake of helping others, thus they are more often right than wrong, and will more quickly correct mistakes if they find they are wrong.

    They also seek perfection in the service of God, and welcome criticism of others, so that they may help correct mistakes they have missed.

    Having the ‘attention’ of others, is also important to those who lack humility.
    Ego-ism, Self-centeredness, pride (in the sense of being personally proud), and its close relative, vanity, are the opposite qualities of humility. The egotistical and self-centered person wants to control everything ‘his or her way’, and sees his or her self as the most important thing there is – and the thing which all other things, and all other beings, revolve around. The prideful person wants credit for their accomplishments.

    The humble person attributes all of their successes, capabilities and accomplishments, to simple facts of reality, or God working through them, rather than to their own prideful abilities.

    The person who gives importance to physical appearances also doesn’t understand the beauty of humility.

    Rather than the egotistical and selfish attitude of the separate self, which is one of being a great mountain, humility is having an attitude of being a receptive little valley. Nature wears down the great mountain, and fills the valley with rich topsoil, lakes, ands abundance. Thus a person who is truly humble, and in need, cannot be passed by, and is made great by God.

    Nature abhors a vacuum. A cup must be empty before it can be filled. A humble person, who is not full of their own self-centered thoughts and information, is able to be filled with wisdom from the Universal Spirit.

    A person with a humble attitude, learns very quickly, adapts to situations easily and quickly, ‘flows’ with whatever changes presented to them by life or people, and can communicate and relate to others better than anyone else. Why? Simply because they ‘get out of their own way’. They get their ‘self’ out of the way of dealing with the rest of the world and reality. Thus, their separateness doesn’t wall off their openness to others, or anything in life, nature, or the Universe.

    Rather than putting time and energy into ‘themselves’, or defending themselves or their ideas, they keep an open mind and consider the input of others. They also don’t wall off their own unselfish love and compassion for others.

    Often, people, like animals, will seek to establish a ‘pecking order’ amongst other people. Everyone wants to consider themselves more evolved or ‘higher’, than the other. Generally, the ones that are most concerned with this are the least humble, and thus the least evolved. Jesus emphasized this at the last supper. It was the custom to wash the dust of a guest’s feet, but the apostles were all too ‘important’ to lower themselves to wash the other’s feet.
    So Jesus did it, shocking them, and driving home the important point of humility, reminding them that, ‘the greatest among you would be the servant to all’.

    In the end, those who make it their priority to be ‘number one’ will be the last, and those who’s priority is to be humble, will be number one (and not care whether or not they are number one). The lag of humility is exactly what killed traditional Religion.
    Their arrogance and self-importens became self-destructive and apparent to even ignorant people. That is why the churches are failures and mostly empty. They have wasted 2000 years of opportunities to enlighten mankind due to their self-righteousness. I hope that I don’t repeet myself. Thank you Asger for your kind comment

    I am humbly Rene’ Descartes

  4. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 27th, 2010 at 11:44 | #4

    I absolutely agree, you should always be prepared to listen and never think you are absolutely right. As I see it, that is the essence of enlightentment; to search for the truth.

    But this does not extract you from nature. Take this example:

    You are scubadiving, you are armed with a harpoon. All of a sudden a very dangerous sharks appears and wants to eat you. What do you do, shoot it with the harpoon or not? You off cause shoot it with the harpoon. Why? Because it wants to eat you, and because it does not worry about any communication with you.

    The same goes with people who are behaving like sharks. You should not worry shooting them if they want to eat you. Why? Because you do not want to be eaten and they do not listen to your communication.

    This does not mean you should not listen if they say something. This only means that you should treat them like any other animals, because they are behaving like animals. That is the only realistic conduct towards them.

    If they start to listen and communicate, you should off cause enlighten them, discuss, be open and try to convey all the knowledge and wisdom you posses.

    But you should always be realistic about nature. It is there in man as well as God.

    And we should simply accept that we are on the brink of a war, and we are absolutely unprepaired.

  5. June 14th, 2014 at 21:43 | #5

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    It was truly informative. Your website is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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