Paradise Lost?

Joe, we are getting there. Calling for the shared heritage of rev. King, is definitely a right call.

When we did the election with Barack, this was the final argument when we won his second term. So there is a positive precedent to this reference to rev. King.

At the heart of the matter lies a connection, to what the US is all about.

The US started out a as dream for the first pilgrims, wanting to make a utopia found in the sacred writings of the bible, an Eden.

After 500 years, they actually made it. You know Paradise lost by Steinbeck is a prophetic warning, in the very epitome of the dream coming through in the 50’ties.

Steinbeck warned us, as I understand his work, of the danger of growing complacent.

Reaching the destination of the perfect society, was, in a strange way, the worst that could happen, because people thought; well now we are here, we don’t have to strive anymore.

Striving is what CREATED the US, and when striving is no more, things tend to go the wrong way.

I am not saying this to point fingers. I am saying this, because my ambition has always been to create a world, where there is happiness and abundance. I feel that the US is as much my dream as anyone else, because you guys were made by guys like me. The rebel intellectual.

So my advice would be, don’t despair, go on fighting for that dream of yours. Maybe it’s going to be another hundred years in the making, maybe sooner. It all comes down to the dedication, to reach that dream again, and again and again.

The striving HAS to be a part of the whole ideology of the US.

Never give up, keep on moving, keep on striving, be on the way to reach that new frontier.

The frontier is eternal, and it is only, if you keep on moving towards it, that paradise will be rebuilt. Because Steinbeck’s novel was a warning, not a prophecy set in stone.

G-d bless the will to keep on fighting for another day, and the possibility of reaching that dream.

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