Pawns in a game?

skullThe radical liberals are just unknowing pawns in a game. The obvious lack of congruenty within their theory really makes them an obviously stupid piece in the chessgame that someone moves around. I mean, just imagine the lack of congruenty between the alledged “fight against fascism” and their obvious fascist ways, or their “fight against antisemitism”, fighting the jews, or the “fight for democracy” breaking the law. If you have just a little intelligence, you would realize that someone is fooling around with you. The wise fools the unwise.

Now the radical liberals may think that I am trying to fool them in a devious way, I´m not ok?

Lets have a look on the possible manipulaters of the radical liberals. One sign is quite obvious; the pirates sign; skull and bone. This sign was also the sign of the SS and the sign of a chapter in one of the freemanson chapters. There could be a clue.

Then, in order to understand the nature of the secret societies, you have to understand that they are very deep in their understanding of the world. They are in direct contact with the roots of our western civilisation; Hellas, Mesopotamia and classic Egypt. They are also very powerful, among them you count organisations as; the freemasons, the Rosicrucians, some of the jewish organizations and they know things. I have traced their ideology to a an ideology called gnosticism. Gnosticism was, and perphaps is, the deeper level of many religions and philosophies. It is a mix of platonic ideas and many other ancient knowledges.

You do not want to mess with these guys, but they do manipulate with a lot of organizations.

So perhaps they manipulate the radical liberals?

It is just a theory, but the autonome should be, at least a little critical to their own ideologies and actions. Otherwise they just end as a unthinking instrument of people with a lot of power and a hidden agenda.

Wikipedia and Skull and Bones:

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