The shadow of the radical liberals

shadowI have a funny relationship with the very radical liberals of Denmark. They have tried twice to kill me, and quite a few of my friends are radical liberals. In fact in many ways I actually uphold the ideals of the radical liberals; I combat antisemitism, I combat nazism and fascism.

Then how can it be, that the the radical liberals, (the autonome) really hate me to an absurd degree? There is a psychological explanation, that I think can explain some of the hatred and vileness of the autonome. According to the psychologist Jung every man has a “shadow”. The shadow is the moral things that the person do not like about themselves. To be aware of your own shadow, you have to have a very high degree of selfacknowledgement. If not, the shadow will materialize in the real world as “projections”. You find someone, or something to put all your bad emotions on. It is also called a scapegoat. Usually the scapegoat is a weak person or thing that cannot fight back, and only serves as a medium for the vileness of a given person og group of persons.

Now, the autonome have blamed me and the group “Stop Islamization of Denmark” of being fascists, racists and I particularly was labeled as nazist.

Since none of these things are even near to the truth. After all, being a jew – racism, nazism and fascism is a bit far from my ideology, there must be another reason why the autonome keep the smearing going on. I think it is because we are the scapegoats of the radical liberals. They use us to project the bad sides of their own persona. They are really fascist, and they condone the nazi/antisemitic rethoric and belief of Hamas. They are however not able to realize these sides of themselves, so they put them upon us, and me.

Fortunately I am not a weak person, and can therefor fight back. That is very lucky for the radical liberals, because they are forced to acknowledge some of their own faults. If I had really been a fascist, it would have come to fighting and bloodshed, luckily I am not. In fact I am the best in themselves, I actually do fight fascism, nazism and antisemitism. Therefor the shadow becomes the light in a way, and the radical liberals are forced to be a little more reflected on their own ideology and the obvious incongruenty of their actions.

Guys, there is plenty of fascism, nazism and antisemitism in the world, but I am not the one to fight, it is yourselves, I am only your shadow.

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