grundtvigWhat is it to be a citizen? I have discussed the subject with Mr. Victor David Hanson, and we agree that one of the major problems with the “multicultural” state is the fact that the theoretical trends simply ignore the basis of state theory.

According to Aristotle, to be a citizen you have to be able to participate in the legal and democratic proces of the state. In other words, before you start to discuss minorities, racism, and so on, you have to base these discussions of their relation to law and democracy. It is possible to do that, but it is not done. Consequently the discussion is simply flowing around in limbo.

The practical consequences are devastating in the realms of multiculture. In these areas there are no real consequence for perpetrators of the very foundation of the state. We in Denmark have islamic/nazists who roam untouched. Why? Because it would be racist to tackle them. Here the multicultural ideology trumphs the very basis of the state. This eventually leads to chaos.

The problems we have with muslims are, in many ways, the same as America has with mexican immigrants. The lines of conflict are different, but some of the roots are identical. If the state, from the beginning, had been very firm in the demands of law and democracy, for each single citizen, we would never have come to this point of chaos.

Now Obama tries to use the multicultural ideology in a world spanning diplomatic quest. It is simply not working, basically because the ideology is too simple and of such a terrible quality, that it will not work.

At the same time, we are moving against an armageddon of unknown proportion. The world is simply not able to feed all the billions of people around the world, and the immigration waves are bound to bring war and chaos in an unknown scale. We simply have to be realistic about this simple conclusion to the number of human beings in the world.

This brings us to the basic question that we have to put ourselves in the face of the lift of the multicultural theory. Then what? Well we have to be serious and base our societies on the rule of law and democracy. But there is another level of understanding I think we have to be realistic about. The level of culture. We are different, we have different traditions. In order to understand culture we have to realise the genetic, the conscious and the unconscious level of our cultures.

What is to be a jew really? What is it to be a dane really? what is it to be an anglo saxon really?

The genious of my therotical “parent” Grundtvig, was that Grundtvig, in a very early form really understood the cultural level of the danes on both a historical, psychological and legal level. He is the answer to the next generation of nationbuilders, that is my answer. His ideas have to be combined with ideas of Jung and other psychologist. But the next level of state theory have to focus on the soul of the people.

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