solvognThe coming conflict on the european peninsula, is very easy to understand, and therefor very easy to solve, if you have knowledge of nature and law.

The reason why we have law in the first place, is because we need to regulate the justice that is working in nature. Where there is life, there is the law of reciprocity. If you do something harmful to some living thing, the living thing will try to punish you.

If this natural proces is not controlled by a given body of very welleducated and wise judges, the natural system will work by itself.

For the rule of law to work, you have to respect the law. Or rather the citizens of the state have to respect the law.

This is exactly the problem that Europe is facing today. The systems of law is traditionally connected to the national state. And has been for thousands of year. In Denmark perhaps 3 – 4000 thousand years, if you include the years of the freestate, and you count all the way back to the first cultures of Denmark.

But when you move people with traditions that are very far from the traditions of the separate nationstates, you will have problems. As the problems we face with immigrants that call for a shariastate. The sharia is as philosophically advanced as the current rule of law of Denmark, but it is another system.

Since most of the existing europeans will not accept foreign rules of law on their territory, we have a situation with no rule of law. Both systems are lifted. As a consequence human beings fall back to the natural state of justice. They start to fight over territory, women, and the weak pay. The gays, the jews, the children and the women.

The solution is however quite simple, in order to uphold the states rule of law, a simple condition should be made to the immigrants. They should respect the law, otherwise they should leave the country.

This calls for an plan of repatriation, because, the fact is, that a number of the immigrants in Denmark, and other countries do not respect the law.

This plan has been proposed by the danish party; Dansk Folkeparti. And they really mean it, if they are not heard in this matter they may very well topple the government.

Then one may argue that it is inhuman to take away people from their homes, school, jobs and so on. I agree, it is a terrible thing to do. But the thing is, the alternative is worse, it is war.

So for all, the best solution is to start the repatriationprocess in a human way.

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