Put Seidenfaden to trial

davidIt has now been 4 – 5 days since I send the note to the different newspaper. So far, no response. It will be a very nice piece of documentation if we ever get to a trial. The truth is there, if, in 5 – 10 years the war is over, the muslims have been beaten, the responsible persons will easily be put to trial and given their just sentences.

But, in fact there has been quite a focus from Israel on the other scandinavian countries. Mr. Avigdor Lieberman just held a meeting with the norweigian prime minister Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre, condemming his absurd views on the conflict between Israel and the palestinians. There was the incident with the swedish newspaper with a blood libel article. But so far, Denmark has gone under the radar. This is not a wise strategy.

Yes, Denmark is not as antiisrael and antisemitic as Norway and Sweden, but there are many obvious cases, and the support for the jews is much stronger here than in the other scandinavian countries. So a wise strategy would be to enter the fight with the most chances of winning. The chances are best here in Denmark.

There is a very specific incident that happened here i Denmark. Some nazi/islamists did the heiling on the central square of Copenhagen. This has gone unnoticed in the mainstream media, and was applauded by Thøger Seidenfaden.

A very obvious candidate to put to court, would be Seidenfaden. He is obvious proislamic/antijewish, he is an editor of one of the leading newspapers, it is an obvious case.

My recommandation would be to put Seidenfaden in front of an international court and charge him with racism and antisemitism. It would set an example, and perhaps the rest of the newspapers would learn from that. Not only in Denmark but in Europe.

Why did we start Israel anyway? Was is not because we needed protection? Was it not exactly a case like this, that the whole buildingproject of Israel was ment to back up?

This is the time, that we should use the power of the state to protect the jews. The thing is, it is all very good with facebook warroirs, but in the end we have to be much more serious to stop the antisemitc trends that enthralls the entire europeans penisula.

And a serious strategy would be to make the editors of the antisemitic newspapers responsible.

Should we just overlook the heiling in the middle of Copenhagen, and the tacit support but the media?

I say no, this is the time stop bickering around, and start fighting the trends that are so obvious.

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  1. October 5th, 2009 at 21:37 | #1

    It seems to me,that it is more convenient, and far from this so dangerous, to court-marshall a 15 year old boy on the island of Bornholm for expressing the feelings of the majority of the danes, and of course keep it out of the national medias – because somebody maybe could sympathize with the young man.


    What a country we live in now – is it the same that stood up for our jewish fellowmen and women in 1943? It is hard for me to believe anyway!

    It looks like we more support the old Polish saying: “The truth can take you anywhere – even to jail!”

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