The collective unconscious

jungThe theory of the collective unconscious of Jung is an idea that has an ancient roots. I think I can trace the idea to classical thinkers as Plato, Parmenides and other. It is a bit metaphysical, but there is a truth in it, people tend to agree on issues on a cross/cultural unconscious level.

The media of Denmark are working day in and day out on a islamization of the culture, it works on a subconscius level, let me explain. The way the subconscious communicate with consciousness is through imagery. Dreams are such a communication. The subconscious mind work on different issues that are problematic to the person. Sometimes a solution is presented to the person at a moment of rest; bathing, in bed and so on.

To manipulate with the unconscious you therefor use imagery. In the Nazi Reich Göbbels perfected this method. He produced amazing films of manipulation, images of jews killing and raping.

Today this method is still used by the media. They produce negative imagery of their opponents and positive imagery of their allies. The picture of Geert Wilders below has been presented in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende, and it is pretty obvious that the newspaper tries to present a negative image of the famous islamcritique. Meanwhile the danish/muslim band Outlandish, who are quite openly islamistic, has been promoted by most of the liberal media. And it goes on and on, names like; Basim, Mohammad all muslims promoted by the liberal media.

The problem is that all the positive media attention of the muslims give people, who are either naive or unable to think for different reasons, a false picture of the reality. The reality is that muslims form gangs, rape, kill and rob wherever they are.

Most grownups are able to think for themselves, but girls at the age of 15 – 22 are the most common victims of the proislamic liberal agenda. They are absolutely unprotected. We have had an incidents with a girl held hostage for a year, she was probably raped, she was tortured, her nails were taken of her fingers, she was held hostage in a small shed. It was done by muslims. We have had an incident with a young beautiful girl killed by her former muslim boyfriend. There was also a problem with the communication/dating portal Arto at a time. I think the young muslim boys found young danish girls in that forum and simply killed them.

geertIt is as evil as one could imagine, and it is the direct consequence of the proliberal, promuslim media agenda.

Then what to do? Luckily, there is a way to combat the evil that resides in the liberal media, and that way is called enlightentment. If the girls have information on the subject, they are a little less prone to be killed and tortured. As Plato says; the truth is the light of the soul.

So the continued fight to get the light down there at the end of the cave is the task. The cure for false imagery and complexes is, according to Jung; the truth.

Let the collective unconscious, or as we call it here in Denmark, the soul of the people, be enlightened.

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