The editorial Oedipus complex

I have often wondered why antisemitism, the hate of jews, is there at all. Most of the jews I know are all very sympathetic, honest, ethical and straightforward. Actually the very clear ethical nature of the jewish religion, is the basis on which two other world spanning religions are made on; Christianity and Islam. Not to mention other beliefsystems as; communism and perhaps science, if you consider the semitic roots of science, that is the mesopotamic birthcradle of western civilisation.

Yet jews are despised and really hated. Lets take a very illustrative example, my antagonistic enemy; Thøger Seidefaden. He is the editor of a newspaper founded by a jew; Brandes. Now Brandes was everything Seidenfaden is not; honest, ethical, able to go against what was seen as the common truth. He was also an amazing thinker, and unrivalled in his time. A picture of Brandes is placed just above the head of Seidenfaden.

Now, Seidenfaden cannot live up to this ideal, he does not have the ability to challenge the common truth of the debate, he does not have the morale to fight for what is right and true in the situation. On a subconsious level he realises the inadequacety of his mental abilities faced with the picture of Brandes. This creates, in jungian termes, a complex. This complex leads to an inner hate of the picture that he cannot reach in level of competence. Instead of respecting and realising the situation, he starts to make an innerwar on the picture. You could say that Brandes is a fatherfigure of Seidenfaden he cannot implement in his own psychological frame. It is what, in psychology is called, a Oedipus complex. This complex leads to hate and war, and it materializes in the world as physical condemnation and hunting of the jews, that are so annoying as to be better than themselves.

In a way you could say that the ethical perfection of the jewish theory; religious as well as political, earns them the scorn of their children. If the jews had been a little less perfect, the problems would have been much smaller.

The problem is, that the complex is unconcious. It cannot be dealt with unless it is treated with psychotherapy, and even then, according to Jung it is very difficult to repair.

If we expand this to the socialist camp, it is the same. Socialism is based on the thoughts of another jew; Karl Marx. It is perhaps then the same mechanism that work. Otherwise it is a little weird that the socialist are so angry on Israel and jews in general. So angry that they willingly ally with even the worst islamists.

Unfortunately it is not only Politiken that was iniated by a jew, also Berlingske Tidende was iniated by a jew. These two newspapers are both on the islamic camp. In the case of Berlingske Tidende, with the editor Lisbet Knudsen, it is even stranger, because it is a conservative newspaper.

However, to confront the media with the rise of antisemitism in Denmark, and their responsibility, I have made a comment that I will distribute to the leading newspapers. Just to test whether they are antisemitic or not. In the the comment I analyze the current situation and the conclusion is clear; if they continue to ignore the problem, they will be responsible and will be liable for a punishment. It is racism, and the current ignoration of the racist problems makes the media accomplices, they are therefor prone to punishment.

I will follow up on the development of the experiment in a few days.

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