valkyrieTo fight for light against darkness in all its forms is eerily dangerous, they say that the pen is mightier than the sword. It is true, here are the scalps, I have helped to take:

– New Alliance, Naser Khader

– Anders Fogh Rasmussen

– The autonomous

– Strategies for the use of words such as; islamophobi, globalization, xenophobia, racism

– And soon: Thøger Seidenfaden

I was very close to help trap the EU some years ago, and my strategy; putting islamism against democracy has triumphed here in Denmark. It is, moreover, spreading to England in these days with the English Defense League.

But the cost of sleepless nights, anxiety, locks at the door.The last time i wrote, solo here a Rubicon, i earned myself a deaththreat. I have a disease, I cant take any stress. If I stress too much I will loose my mind. I have tried to turn my disadvantage into a force, using it to be absolutely clear about the boundaries of my work. Too much will get me killed.

But now there is no more room for smartness, the advance of multiculture, the advent of the foul islamic crescent is too advanced. I will probably die within the next 6 months.

In that ligth it is a little humorous to look at all the brave fighters fighting wars of no consequence, weak, stupid and of no real matter. They are just he veil in front of the real power. The power to destruct. The power to destroy Denmark, and they are winning.

But, whatever, one thing is sure. When i die I will probably be picked up by the angels of my gods, bringing me to a place where I can fight on. Fight on for the light, for justice, for beauty and the good in life.

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