The suicidal jews

October 1st, 2009

The jews of Denmark have, for a long time been a part of the cultural aristocracy. It started with my great, great, great grandfather Mendel Levin Nathanson who founded the tradition one of the leading conservative newspaper Berlingske Tidende. It then continued with persons as Brandes who founded another leading newspaper Politiken. Basically the danish jews are very much a part of the cultural ivory tower.

Today there are basically two camps, the liberal camp and the conservative camp. Within the liberal camp we have persons as Georg Metz, Claus Rothstein, in the conservative camp we have politicians as Finn Rudaitzki, debater Geoffrey Caines, and me. Even the insidious editor of Politiken have some jewish roots.

Anyway it really does not make any sense to be on the liberal camp for the jews. The liberal camp is absolutely married to Islam, to different extent. With the radicalism of danish Islam, there is no doubt about the outcome of a continued and expanded collaboration with the muslims. It will end in another Holocaust. Maybe not as planned and efficient as the one done by Germany. But if the iranian revolutionary guard gets their way, no jews are allowed in Denmark.

This leads to the question. Why do the jews support the liberal/promuslim agenda? Perhaps it is because they see other fights as more important than the rise of Islam. There is, in my mind, a terrible snobbishness within the cultural elite. They really do not like the common man and the cultural traditions of the common man. There is a lot of sneering at the supposedly lowrate and base likings and mentality. The common man in Denmark like to have a little house called a “kolonihavehus”, the like to grill sausages and so on. This has earned them the scorn of the elite. On the other hand the common man really dislike the elites distaste of them. The funny thing is, that the supposedly primitiveness of the common man is mostly a phantom in the world of the elite. There are, today, very few really primitive people in Denmark. Anyway it is all just nonsense, and in fact to add to the circus, the elite heavily supports the immigrants who really are extremely primitive.

I happen to be more or less welcomed in both camps, and the irony of it all is, that the worst of both camps, my friends Egon Clausen (elite) and Anders Gravers (common man) have exactly the same ideals. They fight for enlightentment, for democracy.

So it is just a parade, and really it should end, otherwise the jews will be forced to leave the country. And the real enemy, for both parties, is the undemocratic, primitive, murderous immigrants.

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