We are witnessing the rebirth of religion. Religion has, through a uncompromising focus on the positive and inner core of religion, found a way back into the positive understanding of the public.

In the forefront of this development is Pope Francis, who by fighting and struggling to meet the example of Christ with the reality of today, has made headlines.

Now, this success is inspiring for other monotheistic religions as well; the Shias and the Russian orthodox. It is becoming a bit of a wave.

Remember it is more than just the fight for religion, it is the fight for people to realize the existence of G-d. This is what it is all about. This is the final goal.

Now, the peace process in the Middle East is just a possible intermediary of this process. As I see it, the reason why we make peace is more than just stopping the inhuman slaughter of people, it is also a sign, that religion can change the world into something better.

I remember when the late pope Mr. Ratzinger cried for peace, it inspired me. But today, I can see the depth of the call. It is more than just a call for the stopping of war, it is a call for the reign of spirit to return to our world.

I hereby really support the cooperation between the Shias and the Vatican. If this works, and religion has been able to bring peace, it will be a huge step forward for mankind.

But, please, do not forget the Sunnis, the Jews and Barack Obama, he started this and should be there when it finishes. He is a man of G-d, and a beacon of hope for all who believe in him.

G-d bless the peace we will win!

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