imageNow there is yet another scandal involving Denmark in the international media. A certain story about a giraffe, Marius, a two year old specimen of a certain African animal tribe. The poor animal had to be put to death, due to “scientific” reasons.

Albeit the fact that numerous other zoo’s offered place for the poor thing.

Now, the story went totally ballistic, this may surprise some, but there is a deeper psychological background that the spectacle of the poor beast was played out against.

Now, the appalled international public have heard about another little specimen that was to be rooted out, not of “scientific” reasons, but because she had a father who were to be silenced because he had the audacity to support America and its interests here in Denmark. Specifically the support the PET did to an Islamist imam at the 9/11.

She is a little girl, and after she had felt the harsh side of the Danish system, no one, I repeat no one came to her rescue. Because her father was to be silenced into submission.

It is this cruelty, and the complete lack of regard for international opinion that is behind the ravaged media storm of the poor giraffe.

It is the heartlessness, the cruelty, the abandonment of feelings and justice and conscience that lie behind the international rejection of the Danish values when it comes to endangered species, be it Jews or giraffes.

G-d bless the will to do the right thing, despite the cruelty that surrounds you.

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