small_on-the-nileWhen Egypt fell into the darkness of the Romans, it was an ancient and unbelievably beautiful state that went into the oblivion. Thousands, and thousands of years passed into nothing.

The wise men of Egypt almost could not believe it; Egypt a state that had stood since before we can remember – dead.

This is really the task of a renewed Egypt; to bring back the ancients, and learn from them. There are so many amazing ideas; mathematics, humanism, monotheism, harmony and something that is more difficult to explain, but yet is the core of Egypt.

When the Nile in the old times rose and fell, there were times of draught and times of plenty. As we know from the bible.

This led the Egyptians to believe that there was certain rhythm to the world. Good times, bad times, flowing like the Niles ups and downs.

When the bad times where there, everything fell apart. Not only did things fall apart, but everything started to disintegrate. Food became scarce, the central authority started falling apart, petty lords started fighting over the smaller pieces of the land, people started dying in the streets.

The people of Egypt were desperate for one thing in particular: order.

The functioning of things, the smoothness of traffic, the possibility to eat, to wander without being afraid of robbers.

What they did was look for a hero. As when the old kingdom changed into the middle kingdom, order was restored by a strong pharaoh who united the land.

It is this idea that really is the secret as to why Egypt still exist. In times of danger, all Egyptians will rally to the hero of Egypt.

Not all heroes made it, but they will keep looking until a new hero appears. Because deep down in the memory of all Egyptians lie the memory of chaos.

When order is restored, then business can open again, the children can be sent to school. Normalcy will reappear.

This is the basic, unconscious demands Egyptians put to a new leader.

There are other needs to be met, but this is the most central.

G-d bless the new leader of Egypt.

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