imageWhen you fight for something, against something, you should always be aware of what you do. As Israel has fought for survival, as the US is fighting to stay clear of terrorism, as Russia is fighting to keep the Olympics free from danger, as I have fought to keep my daughter out of harms way.

This is the reality, often, especially if you are in a position where people are prone to attack you, because you threaten their agenda.

To me it is an evil I really hate to do, but other the other hand, something I am exceptionally good at. Like a tiger not willing to kill, I am wreathed in the glory numerous victories over the time.

It is my nature in a way, I wake up, and something tells me, that this fight is worth the effort, or these people need my assistance somehow.

I rarely take much credit from the victories, so it is not a fight to be famous or applauded as a hero that drives me. It is the honour in it, the glory that lie in the realization of a better world.

To me it often comes down to the story about Isis. She wandered, as the ancient Egyptians say, on a beautiful field of flowers. But picking the flowers would immediately make the earth to swallow her.

The flowers are the needs, and the earth is the material world.

The material world always threaten to swallow us up, because of our needs.

Fighting over ethical issues, or to survive, has nothing to do with being spiritual. It is the anti thesis of spirituality. But most sages were fighters in a way; all the Jewish prophets, king David, Socrates, Voltaire and even to some extent Jesus, not to mention Mohammad.

Why is this? It is because your strength is tested in the material world, and only if you are strong enough to survive the material world, will people listen to your ideas about the spiritual world.

It is like that, sometimes we need to pick up our heads and look evil in the eyes. Take the devil. Will he be off your back if you kiss him, or if you fight him? Kissing the devil will only embolden him, because the devil is attracted to weakness. The devil is, in scientific terms, the rule of the strong in darkness.

Therefor, to make a better world, you need to be able to analyze the making of the dark ones, and come up with a sound strategy to fight them.

But, as it is wisely symbolized in the story about Isis, the material world will swallow you, if you are not very careful. That is why, you should always keep your love of G-d and his wonderous creation as the main goal. Never loose sight of love, friendship and hope.

That is one of the most difficult balances in the world; when to fight and when to love. But, the wise is the man, who knows his time and frame of life.

G-d bless the will to fight for live and light.

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