The East and the West is in confrontation, but the hand of peace is outstretched, and can be taken and shaken. As I understand the latest development. Mr. Putin is ready to recognize the Ukrainian independent state, including the elections that was predominantly won by pro western parties. This is an outstretched hand, and should be taken. He is also ready to find a solution in the debacle about Iran, which is also good for all of us.

What does he want? He wants the restrictions on the economy of Russia to be lifted, and he wants diplomatic channels opened again.

He ha a big stick as well, and he is just showing that to us, by sending out troops to confront Europe. So, in all simplicity he simply wants things to get back to normal. He is not the one to put up confrontation, he wants improved ties.

On the other hand, he is a strong man, so he will also not fall shy of using an overwhelming firepower.

So, my recommendation; go down the path of peace Putin has offered us, in the respect of all the lives and the prosperity of normal people, who are now suffering under the restrictions. Who will lose in the end, if we start fighting? It will be people who will lose familymembers, and poverty.

G-d bless the will to find a way to peace.

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