The Middle East

The relationship between mr. Barack Obama and mr. Binyamin Netanyahu is very bad. I understand, but I hope that we can see it as something else than personal disagreement, and see it for what it really is; politics.

Mr. Netanyahu needs to underpin the conservative part of his voterbase. Why? Because they got really angry at the fact, that he did not destroy Hamas when he could. Or rather, they thought he could. So they demand repercussion. We are nearing an election, and as all other elections, politicians are a little worried getting reelected.

On the other hand, this really makes mr. Obama angry, because he has his own problems with his constituents, because he is also nearing an election in the U.S.

In other words, this is not personal, it is all about politics. So, hopefully after the duo elections, we can start the path of reconciliation and friendship.

I believe, that Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian fighters won the right to survive, but I also believe that Israel won the right to have peace. How we find a solution to this problem we have to find out after the election. We also have to consider the fact, that IS is winning a lot of support in Gaza, so they are turning into an enemy. But we will have to see how this turns out.

G-d bless the will to find a way to peace in the face of a very, very difficult situation.

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