Interest of peace

When we hear about fear, angst, tragedies, we know that someone are hurt, feel threatened and afraid. This is human, and if we do not accept human insecurtiy, it will often turn into war.

Right now, Palestinians are rioting, why? Because they are afraid. Why do they show rage or anger? Because they are afraid, that the developments of the world is going the wrong way, seen from their perspective. This is not to diminish the atrocities they are doing in the name of G-d or to excuse them in any way, but to make us understand what is really happening in their heads.

I have no illusions about the nature of radical Islam, Hamas, Islamic Jihad or even Iran. I know, that they have a virulent potential for violence. They are fighters, and often in a terrible way, that has no respect for life.

But, they also have families, they also have friends they miss, and if we are able to call out the good in them, this should be done.

The deal with Iran, holds one problem, seen from a Jewish perspective with respect to Israel. It needs to be waterproof. Israel cannot afford a solution that will leave them at the mercy of Iran. This is simply not possible for Netanyahu to accept. Both because of the threat to Israel, but also because of his own voterbase. He does not have the mandate to make risks. Add to this the fact that he sees it clearly as a potential threat, I must say, that he is right, seen from his perspective.

So what do we do? We find a solution that is controlable, we setup a series of checks and balances, and most important, we put up a plan to put into action, if some of the checks and balances are overruled.

In other words, it is a matter of making the plan that all will accept.

Not an easy task, but a task that is feasible, if it is done in the interest of peace.

G-d bless the peace we should and will find, in the interest of religion.

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