We are approaching the final draft of the Iranian deal. I have no insider information about the draft, so I cannot know anything about it. But, I know the story that has lead up to the deal, and a bit about the stakes that are invested.

It all started in the first part of the presidency of mr. Barack Obama. At that time, I was a bit more free to blog, and Barack and I worked together over a range of issues, to make a comeback for the US. The economy and the strenghtening of American identity is a part of that process. In foreign policy, we were in agreement about one thing; we did not like Ahmadinejad. Why? Because he obviously hated us. He was a vily and intelligent advesary, and he had a lot of things going his way, but through a mix of diplomacy and small time investment in military expeditions, among it what we know as the “Arab spring”, we did counter his movement, and gave a chance for peace to evolve in Iran.

What really happened was, that the Iranians realized, that with mr. Barack Obama there was a kind and gentle man at the helm of the US. Someone who wanted peace, and was ready to try to understand Iran on its own terms. Add to this a good military strategy, Iran opted for peace.

In the meantime, we have had the war between Israel and Hamas including Islamic Jihad (an Iranian proxy). IS has risen, and Russia have its own problems in Ukraine. All problems that are in direct hinderance of a peacedeal.

So can we really trust Iran? Yes and no. As any other country in the world, there are some who likes us in Iran, and some who hates our guts. Iran is different from Saudiaraiba and the rest of the Arab world in the fact that Shia Islam is not a world spanning movement. It is an ethnic faith as Judaism. It is the religion of the Persians. This limits its messianic fervor a bit, and it gives the Persians another basis for their religion than the Arabs, with all respect. Before Islam came to Persia, Persia had another religion or rather a philosophy called Zoroastrianism. It is deeply rooted in Persia, and has lived for thousands and thousands of years. This creed is extremely positive and beautiful. So if Iran relates to what it really is, it is a very beautiful country. Add to this the fact that whereever Zoroastrians make business, it really works. As the Tata motor company in India, that is run by Zoroastrians.

Off cause a lot of prestige is invested in the atomic development, and therefor Iran cannot give in too easily, and cannot lose face. This is the main point to consider in the negotiations; give the Iranians a deal that will not make them lose face. If it is not about the restrictions, then what is it about. What do Iran want to make peace? My understanding is, that they want recognition, and progress. India is moving forward, Brazil is moving forward, even Africa is moving forward in terms of industrial output and GDP. But not Iran. So why not help Iran moving forward?

Again, seen from an Israeli perspective. We need a deal that is 100 percent, not just 99,9 percent. But non negotiable, serious and waterproof. From that point, we can all join the effort of making progress in the Middle East. Because this is basically what all the major players want. Even Turkey.

What we do not want however, is another global war born in the Middle East. Hence the rejection of IS.

I know the negotiation are difficult, but it is possible. As long as everybody are in agreement, including Israel.

G-d bless the peace we will have, if we try hard enough.

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