The family as an institution under the realm and society where it resides, seems to have found a new more constructive in terms of realization of the rule of G-d on earth.

This is really what it is all about, as I see it. Metaphysics is usually a very abstract theoretical labour. Philosophers and theologicans discuss these principles of G-d, and usually it has very little to do with the day to day life of people who enter a religous house.

This has not always been so. The ancient Egyptian priests tried to emulate the realm of G-d, to be as close to G-d as possible. This is also the idea behind monastery and life in solitiude. To be one with G-d.

How do we apply this knowledge to the family as an institution? We do it by trying to understand how the realm of G-d exists, how it works.

G-d is intelligence, and the way we think it is combined is basically just based on theory. But we know, that it can have no conflicts. Because it is everywhere, and whereevere it seeps in, it is the same.

It is safe to assume, that the realm of G-d is a peaceful place. A place where love is the conceptualization of how all this intelligence interact with itself, in complete oneness.

It is a happy place, and a place where noone tries to put anyone else down, this is only when intelligence enters the material world, that the rule of the strong applies, not in the realm of G-d.

So, in the family, we need to emulate this way of doing things. By remaking a situation of complete oneness and love inbetween all who are members of the family.

This is however very difficult, because we do live in the material world. There are often conflicts, and we tend to think too much about ourselves and too little about our sisters or brothers.

The harmony we wish to make within the confinements of the family, is very difficult to make, especially if the family is under pressure. This is when we need to shed our own interests, and think about the good of the family instead. To put ourselves aside, and help and bring joy to our closests.

There will be times, when we feel threatened, afraid, alone or abandoned. But there will also be times when we are in one with the ones we loves. All the parties and traditions that surround the families; marriage, baptism, weekend holidays, birthdays are really tools to unite the family, and make, and remake the frame we all live in.

It is therefor important to understand that metaphysics is the understanding of why we need to make a happy family. Because through the understanding of G-ds realm will we able to understand what we are to remake here in the material world.

G-d bless the will to be free in the loving arms of our family.

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