The Middle East is again in turmoil, this time it is the sacred birthplace of the Jewish State that is at stake, and a holy site for Muslims as well. What is really happening?

To understand this you have to zoom in on the underlying parameters of the conflict.

There are many players and interests in the conflict; Israel, Jews at large, the US, Palestinians, Persia, Egypt, Saudiarabia, Quatar. Each player has its own agenda, and it is only if we bend those agendas towards a compromise, that peace will unfold. Because that is really the only goal we all share.

Let us have a look at it. First of all, we have America, specifically under the leadership of mr. Barack Obama. He, or rather the democratic leadership under him has the single agenda of making peace without too much military intervention. We believe in dimplomacy and justice as means of warfare. War is never an end in itself, only a means to use if nothing else can solve the crisis. We sincerely believe in dialogue and democracy.

Then there is the Persians. As the Americans we share the aim; peace, but for different reasons. The current ideology is not a secular order, but a religious order. In religion we believe in the advent of G-d. We believe that we have to work, tirelessly for the realization of G-ds rule in the material world. Since the realm of G-d is made in peace, this is off cause the end result. So, again, the aim is the same, but the reasons are a little different. There are some overlaying interests, since America is a very holy nation in the sense, that G-d also plays a founding role for the Americans, but it is still very secular in its ideas and manners.

Well, then we have Israel. Israel is a nation of the holy people, at least this is the commandmend of Abraham. Today Jews seem to have forgotten this a little, and we use our ressources primarily to defend Israel, and fight the fights in the material world. Sometimes even to the extreme of almost rejecting me. I love Israel, but not because I love Jews, I also do that, but because the political and the spiritual goals of Israel are amazing. Again here we are talking about realizing the advent of spirit to earth. Now, Jews are a very sensitive people, in the sense, that they have this sixth sense of who they can trust, and who they cannot trust. That is basically why Jews love me, because deep down all Jews recognize the connection I can give them to their own deepest dreams and identity. The Jewish Defense force, that is a scorned organization in Israel are the only organization I really feel are on my side. And no, they are not racist, they are just 100% Jews.

The Palestinians are Sunni Muslims who are basically on the run. Since Arafat, the ideological base of Gazans have been eroding and not on par with their allies in Europe and the Arab world at large. This makes them desperate, they know it is all a last stand they are perfoming.

So what can we deduce from this analysis. First of all, we can deduce the probability of peacemaking. Only those who feel like making peace, and really believe in it, will make peace. This leaves us; The US, Israel, Persia, Egypt, Saudiarabia and Quatar. The Palestinians are too freewheeling, and will not contribute to anything constructive. This does not mean we should not handle the conflict, we should, but we should not be naif about their intentions and aims.

So the real discussion is; will a peace made with Iran hold? As I see it, this is actually the wrong question asked. The question is; will a peace be monitorable? The problem about the Oslo peace accord was that it gave enemies of Israel a foothold close to Israel. A foothold that has given us all the consequetive conflicts, all the rockets and so on. So it did not give us peace, in fact it gave us war.

Then what will actually happen, if we made peace with Iran. Will it lead to more or less conflict? It all depends on the system of monitoring. If a good system is implemented, consequences and issues can be raised against Iran. If Iran chooses the path of peace, good measures can be given to Iran. So we have to figure out a system that would give Iran what it wants, and put in consequences if it fails.

So what does Iran want? It wants the advent of G-d on earth. This is really the boon that we could give Persia. Peace, not because of sanctions or threats, but because it or we are all invited into a process that will lead to love and justice in the material world. See the point? It is about engaging in a realization of spirit on earth. If we are able to do this, as Americans, as Jews, as Persians, as Arabs, we actually do have a common purpose. Add to this all the other monotheistic religions, who are more than willing to walk with us on that path, we actually do have a way.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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