Europe is heading the wrong way. Economically it is surely going the wrong way, and culturally it is definitely going the wrong way. We have been some bravehearts who have seen this development for a long time, and often tried, sometimes in vain, sometimes with some sucess, to do something about it. Mind you, the dangers are considerable. You can get shot, stabbed, put on hold, persecuted with the Capone method. That is checked and rechecked comcerning anything the state might find that they can draw from your account.

But, lo and behold, with the sure feeling of respect for yourself, and healthy attitude towards danger, you can survive, even thrive to some extent.

The European Union is a dangerous animal to fight. It will use all methods appliable to dissidents to quell your tiny voice, at least this is my experience. Add to this the added insult of having to defend European interest while having to feel the sharp end of the state system, sometimes I feel a little scizophrenic.

I wonder why they persecute me at all, and do not ally themselves with me? I mean, they want the same as I; the comeback of Europe, and wish for a more comprehensive foreign policy. Why not cooperate at some level, after all, with all respect, being a European philosopher is a much more powerful position, than trying to control a plethora of different interest. I wish for Europe to prosper, be more democratic, have finer institutions. But I think I know why. Ever since the birth in Eridu, Middle East civilization has had its supporters, its attackers and its corrupters. The supporters try to use the traditions the best they can, as the French Rennaessance philosophers (and also me). The attackers does not know much about it, and consequently destroy it, like the Islamists, and the corrupters use it to control people. They do not care to enchance justice, or give people more freedom, they use law and democratic institutions to have their way.

Perhaps European politicians could once more become bannermen of civilization? Use their time to work for peace and tolerance, and not just subdue all of us who want freedom?

Hope has the color of springgreen as we say here in Denmark, may we live to prosper.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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