The Middle East is waiting for the negotiations between Mr. Obama, Mr. Putin, his highness Rouhani and the Iranian parliament to conclude. There is a huge turmoil in Israel right now, because of the land annexation in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. But there will be no conclusion on these conflicts before the negotiations are finished and we know how it will fall out.

I hope, it will be a conclusion that all can agree upon, it would really strengthen all of the war torn Middle East. Add to this a peaceful relationship between the East and the West.

As time moves on, the conflict between the Palestinian state or the attempts to make one, and Israel will stop. Because the world has moved on. There are no one who are interested in the rather insignificant conflict, when the Islamic State roams and is dangerous right besides it. It will be swallowed up by IS, and stop.

So in all probability, we need to wait a little to see what happens.

Hopefully it will be a move for peace.

G-d bless Israel.

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