Winston Churchill

winston-churchill-dayConservatives often refer to Mr. Winston Churchill a warrior of G-ds grace, and a very intelligent man. In the liberal press he is often not that positively mentioned, but everybody agrees that stopping the Nazi killing machine was a good thing.

So how are we to understand this dividing and yet prominent and positive figure.

Mr. Churchill had one thing I really liked about him; he held no illusions. You can wish the world was like that or that, and hope for at better day. But you should always plan on the reality of things. That was why he was so hated. He did not make any makebelieves, but understood things as they were. Hence his adamant defense of Britain, and his nononsence approach to the Nazis. He knew they were bad guys, and he fought them because of it. He saved Britain in that understanding and defense.

There is another side of Mr. Churchill I really like; he was, deep inside those layers of politics and fighting stance; also a soft man. Or rather, a gentleman. He fought for his country and his ideals. But he always remembered that the end result should be a positive one. As a Christian he probably held the belief, that there is a higher purpose to our being here on earth, and thus an order and civilization worth defending.

Basically this is why I believe the conservatives hold all the cards these days in Europe. Because we fight for a liberation of our countries, but we do not wish a tyrannical order to be installed after the liberation, but a good and prosperous society, where both weak and strong may find rest.

Today, there is only the rule of the strong to be present in Europe. Those who hold power, do it beacuse they can, and not because they wish for at better future for the little man, for the weak man. The weak man is not in his objective, only his own selfagrandissment. This is not a chivalric attitude. This is a selfimportant attitude, that is not in alignment with a serious conservative perspective. We fight to protect, not to subdue.

G-d bless the strong arm in protection of the weak mother or child.

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