When we look upon the three world religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We see an image of war and conflict. For a long time it has been Christianity against Judaism, a conflict that is luckily almost over. Now it is Islam against Judaism and Christianity, a conflict I believe is difficult to solve, but at the same time a work we have to do to find a way out of.

We are all descendants of the great Jewish prophets of the late Israeli state. Daniel, Ezekiel, Elijah. So each of us dream of the realization of their dream, in each our way.

But in a strange way, right now, we actually have the possibility to realize it in a new way. By making a platform that will elevate all three religions to higher prominence and importance. To realize the advent of spirit.

When I begun my work, I put myself at the service of spirit. So in a sense, what we have done through the prayers and the inspiration that have come from my blog, have been a part of a spiritual development, that spirit wants us to do. Often the words that enter the paper seem strange even to me, and personally, I do, sometimes wonder of what actually was written.

I am not a particularly great person, in fact, I have as many idiosyncrasies and faults as everybody else. So people should not use my example, what they should do, is to listen to the words here at Rubicon, and use them to the use it was intented. Because the words that come, and enter into these pages are pure. Not contaminated by my own prejudices, not intented at least.

What G-d wants us to do, is to find peace. So that we can share the feelings and the connection between each of us. Peace between the major religions, will include dialogue and understanding. This is a first step. Not to dominate, not to put our will upon the other, but to make a relation that will mimic what we are in the hand of G-d.

I have some help from a friend of mine, his name is David, and he is rav, a teacher of the kabbalist understanding.

For a long time, I have searched for the secrets of religion, and wisdom in general. Kabbalah, and the great Zohar (the bible of the Kabbalists), is such a source.

What we need to do now, is to search deeper, into the lore that gave us all the prophets in the first Israel, and the Kabbalists understanding is the key to unlock that door.

So, together with David, I will reach out, and hopefully connect to all the major religions.

G-d bless you all, and give you peace.

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