I have been in a prolonged war against the secret services here in Denmark. Part of it my own doings, and part of it the secret services. Remember how they tortured my little daughter? How they use all the tricks in the book to silence me up.

It has actually come to the point, where I truly have a good opportunity to do something about it. I have had a contact with the local chapter of the human rights organisation. An organisation that helps people who are persecuted byt the police, in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Denmark.

They are actually interested in helping me.

There is only one pretty big problem, and that is the fact, that we need to work together. The secret service and I. We have reached a point, where conflicts between the states and local islamists are really dangerous. Just look at what is happening in Germany in these days.

In this situation, we need to work together, not apart. I will continue criticising and shelving out advice. But I will stop the outright war a escalation between my person and the state, with the human rights advocacy in-between would be.

We need to stop this, and bury the hatchet. The war is on our streets, and we need to focus on what is happening there, and not on warring each other.

I will help my friends Dan Park and Uwe Max with their cases, but the confrontation between me and the police should stop now.

G-d bless the peace we must make, in order to confront the hostility of the islamists.

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