Sword of GileadI think a lot about angels these days, on one hand because I am having a holiday in Spain, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and at the other hand, because I am working a lot with Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is really the secret basis of Jewish culture. It is the well that we Jews use, to connect to Jewish identity, history and ethics.

It has roots as deep as to when Abraham came from the Assyrian city of Ur to teach us about his first ideas of natural science (amazing is it not), and then really a culture that is enveloped in a classical Middle East frame. It is extremely ethical, spiritual and focused on the good of humanity. These are truly the ancient hippie ideology, though truly a bit more tough and a lot more confrontational. We want peace as Kabbalists, but Kabbalism is not at all peaceful in the naive sense, but peaceful in the sense, that it understands what the world is, and how we can truly achieve peace.

But back to the angels.

Kabbalah is about calling on angels to help the Kabbalist in his work. Angels help those who fight for G-d, that is, to make a more just and good world.

But the Jewish angels are not benign, amourous beings, they are strong, warfaring destroyers, fighting on the side of the good.

We know them as Gabriel, Michael, Uriel. But there are many, many more. Angels as Ezekiel, Kolach, Nazeriel. Strong, spiritual beings, that help those of us, who wish to work on the good of humanity.

Then what are these angels? This is really the question I have been pondering. Remember, to make sense in these issues, we have to connect to a natural science basis, in order for us to make it true, and make people believe in us again.

G-d is intelligence, and angels are in between G-d and man. As messengers, as helpers.

I believe that angels are us selves. That is the way we form our little piece of intelligence in the spiritual realm. Remember, if we theorise, that the soul is embedded in our bodies, but still retains a faculty to connect to the original soup of intelligence, that we came from, and is G-d. We can assume, that this connection can have a specific form. We can put form to our own soul.

Angels are then our own soul formed in a specific frame.

Given that it receives strength and connectivity with G-d, this part of our soul can be extremely powerful, if we are ourselves. It is a reflection of ourselves in the realm of G-d.

Then we come back to the Jewish angels. If this theory is true, the Jewish angels are really the reflection of what Jews are; strong, justice seeking, ethical beings. Protecting those who fight for G-d.

This follows the prophesies of the Jewish prophets quite well. Jews are supposed to wield the power of G-d in a manner, so that he lives here in earth. To this end, we have our strong angels, that helps us on our way.

This is what it is to be a Jew. We should remember this when we see walls of hatred all around us, they are the sons of the dark one. We need to, as the Chosen people, to confront these abominations. But we also need to seek out those leading lights around the globe, who fight for a better world. As we are tasked to bring G-d back to humanity.

This is difficult, because seldom are those who are on the surface good, the real companions of G-d. Often it is the little guy, the David, fighting monstrosities with his sling, that is the friend of G-d.

We should therefor seek out the Davids, all around the globe, and lend our strength to him or her, in order to help them making a better world.

That is what it is to be Jew, and we should be so very proud of that, and do it.

G-d bless Israel.

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