The gentlemen

We have a problem about talking about the true depth of the terrorist issues.

I know why, because I have just started reading the book; The gentlemans guide. We all like to be gentlemen, at least those of us who aspire, to be a part of some sort of civilised society.

The problem is just, a lot of the migrants, be it islamists, christians or druze, do not aspire to be gentlemen. They aspire to carve out a piece of territory, they can claim for themselves.

This is the truth. So while we strive to be civil, not step on each others feet, treat all with courtesy, the newcomers do all they can to step on our feet, to make us move.

This inequality is the basis of the true conflict. Because, not being able to tackle the problems in the first place gives room for the conflicts to grow. Where it in the first place was truly harmless small conflicts that we have shied away from, it has now grown to some truly devastating conflicts.

That is why I have, as a truly civilised person, insisted on discussing the problems we have with migration. Not on a racist base, or a inhuman base, but on an enlightened base. One example; it has been very difficult to discuss the persecution of minorities within many migrant communities in public. The outright persecution of gays, blacks, whites, women, christians, and all who deviate from the norm of the migrants.

Discussing this has been taboo in the mainstream. Well, that is not helping the minorities. As a consequence we see atrocities done to the minorities in Denmark. As an example we have seen the Gay pride being stoned out of a part of Copenhagen.

The list goes on.

I know that this seems ungentlemanly, because why bother with these things? We ruin the tone and so on.

Because, I believe that there is a deeper conflict between our rules of being a gentleman and the rules of enlightenment.

To enlighten, that is to insist on the rational debate on all issues of state, is in opposition to the rules of not stirring up the public.

Therefor I think we need to realise, that in some areas, we need to stop being gentlemen, and start, seriously, to discuss the problems at hand.

It will seem uncivilised, but the consequence of being gentlemen, and not truly tackle the academic problems, will cause harm to all who deviate to norms that I as a liberal, will not tolerate. The weak are supposed to be protected by the state. Our minorities are the weak, and we need to protect them.

G-d bless the will to be true.

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