The solution to the current crisis

In the crisis we are in right now. On one hand the direct attack by democratic fighting islamists, and at the other hand the rising fear for racism, is the problem. I can feel it myself when I walk the streets. We need at strategy, that, at one hand quells the enemies we have, and at the other hand counters the budding racism.

This is really the difficulty we face.

It is a very keen problem, and doing nothing will just end us in absolute chaos.

What we need to do, is to face islamism. We need to look it into the eyes and do something about it.

This is what everybody agrees upon, there is just one major problem; the secret services, that are tasked with the problem, does not seem to live up to expectations.

Whenever the political class asks the police to do something about it, the answer is, that they do not have the tools.

Well, when I worked with programmers in the IT business. We often met problems we could not solve. My answer was always, well that is not my problem, you need to solve it anyway. That is; get creative.

Securitywise, we are facing a new threat that cannot be tackled with the tools we have, well then we have to make new tools.

The problem here is just, that the secret polices are extremely uncreative, and when they do come up with something then it is always pointing the gun in the wrong direction; that is on islamcritics and not on the islamists.

At least that is what I experience myself. I cannot say if that is a general trend in other countries.

Anyway, to make new tools, you have to work within the limits of the constitution. We are not tyrannies or corrupt police states. We are democracies, so we obey the law.

Here is when it gets difficult, because what is within law?

When we are talking about islamists, remember we are not talking about religious groups, we are talking about groups that are mainly political. They use religion, but their aims are not religious, they are political. They aim at a political system called the caliphate, with an undemocratic law system called sharia. A POLITICAL aim.

That is very important, because within our constitutions, religions as such are protected. But political groups that seek to overthrow the democratic state are not protected by the same democratic state, they are enemies.

This principle will ensure that we are within the bounds of human rights and the basic ideas about a democratic states. It is not all muslims, but muslims that are fighting or supporting the caliphate and the connected sharia law system.

When my predecessors Rousseau and Voltaire worked on the first French republic, there was one part of the Aristotelian framework of a democratic institution, they did not work much with, that is the DEFENCE of the state. This gave us a problem in the Naziera where an antidemocratic part (the Nazis) could use the democratic system to hollow it out and change it into a tyranny.

What is the real defence against such a scenario? It its the control of the citizenship. A citizenship is really a green card to the democratic process. What you get when you get to be citizen, is a vote in the election of government.

The defence of the democratic state is then simple; if you are not loyal to the democratic institutions, the you are not entitled to a citizenship.

If you are not a citizen, then you do not have a permanent claim on residence in the state you may be in. You can be thrown out.

That is, in all its cruelty and radicalism, the tool that is envisioned in the defence of democracy. It is not my idea, it is the idea of Aristotle, and therefor an idea of Athens, the first true democracy.

Now reality is never easy to handle, and if you do not do anything, then the consequences are often worse than doing something.

So let me repeat. The secret services needs to round up islamist, and supporters of islamists and send them through a legal process, if they are loyal to our democratic institutions, then they may stay, otherwise they will lose their citizenship and must find somewhere else to live, that is closer to their political aspirations.

This will work. But it will be tough. The alternative is however, full fledged racewars.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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