The will to act

The time is ripe for government action against the infiltrating islamist fighters, if not, civil war will erupt. It is as simple as that.

If the state does not deliver on security, the people will look elsewhere.

This calls for some pretty tough decision making, and some tough action.

Let us have a look at it.

There are one overwhelming danger right now; the threat of islamism. The flag carrier being the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas (for some), Islamic State and a number of connected groups to this ideology.

They hate our democracy, and fight for the muslim caliphate.

An idea, that did work until it was dismantled in Turkey about a hundred years ago.

Well, if you fight that fight, you are an enemy.

What is the situation? First of all, we do already fight them in Syria and Iraq, and we are winning. All of us, that is Russia, the US, France, Great Britain and the rest of the coalition.

But the imminent victory brings new tactics to the islamists, that primarily being of mass killings of westerners.

They hate us, and therefor they kill us.

What do we do about that. First of all, we continue the fight in the Middle East, but we now need new tactics in Europe, the US and Russia. That is old democratic, viking heartland. Even Australia and New Zealand is in problems.

This is not about race, it is the traditions of democracy and freedom that was, and is a part of viking culture, that they hate.

How do we then tackle this threat?

We differ between those muslims that support the Islamic state and the muslims that support our democratic ways.

That is, basically, a sound and simple principle, but the effect is, however, much more complicated. Why?

First of all, because there are two other principles we then have to discuss as an effect of this decision. Firstly we need to discuss the breath of the problem. That is, how many islamists do we talk about? If you are an islamist, that is a caliphatist, do we then target you if you are violent, or also if you are nonviolent? That is, what about the great background of peaceful islamists, that create the frame and the nourishing of the violent islamists. What do we do about them?

Secondly, what do we do? Do we repatriate them, that is throw them out of the country? Do we emprison them? Do we put them in ghettos? This is an ethical discussion. Because they are enemies, but they also human beings, we have to treat them with dignity.

This is a discussion we need to have, in all spheres of power, right now, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but now.

The states need to show the populace, that they are able to act, and will do what is necessary to tackle the situation.

The discussion should be open to interpretation, and should be public, in order for people to have their say. It should be the people who decides, not only us intellectuals and politicians. We have a dangerous situation, we need the consent of the people for our actions, otherwise they will act on themselves.

So we should launch ideas and models of action, and listen to what the people says, and then take action.

At the same time, we should realise, that we are in for a long haul. This will take time, and we will be in this fight for some years. The outcome is not given, and we will end up a bit weaker than what we were in the 18´hundreds just after Napoleon, but we will be reasonable strong, strong enough to solve the problem.

But we need to act now, otherwise it will be civil war, and that will end the Western civilisation as we now it, and probably leave the scene to Russia and China to fight over. With all respect to the two nations, but it is not in the interest of Europe or the US to be torn into pieces, just because the states did not have the capacity to take charge.

We have the material means, but we need the will to do something about it, we should take that will, and do it.

G-d bless the peace we are striving for, and will only win, if we act to curb this problem before it gets out of hand.

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  1. Peter Buch
    July 17th, 2016 at 01:29 | #1

    With the growth of gated communities, big brother tricks and so on it may be seen as the civil war has started already.

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