Old_Frayed_French_Flag_(6032746234)Not again, this is the first thing you think when you hear about another terror attack, not again. Now another one in Nice, one of the most beautiful towns in the world, now smeared with blood.

Orlando, the Vilks committee, Charlie Hebdo. Attacks on innocent civilians. This is disgusting.

But I think, we should wheel this around, in our grief, we should not only think about what we are loosing; our security, our peace, but what we can win; our values, our freedom our democratic rights.

Because this fight is more than a fight against terrorists, it is a fight for our own democratic institutions. The islamic state wants that exactly; an Islamic state. We have our own perfect state, called the democratic state.

And all these attacks are not only on people, they are on the idea of the free man in a free country. Able to do what he wants within the frames of a just law, be free in his speech and honest in his daily business of his political views.

Let us fight for something, instead as against something. Let us fight for what we believe in, what we have inherited from so many brave women and men before us, who shed their lives on beaches and in trenches.

The fight for our freedom.

G-d bless the republic of France.

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