Sparks of G-d

I am sad, about what is happening in the US now, just seeing all the films and the movieclips about people who are devasted, makes tears flow down my cheeks. It is horrible.

However, you need to turn this around. It is bad, but it is in no way irreparable. You need to turn it around and see, that each day, in all across the country, there is a wonderful nation full of hope and positivity.

It is not the end of the world.

Use this to enforce your own humanistic values, where is it written, that each man is the same. There is no such thing as different races. There is no such thing as strangeness because of colour, we are one, under the gaze of spirit.

When we came into this world, it was without any colour on our skin, it was as a spark of G-d.

Then someone put different meaning to us due to our skin colour. This is wrong, there are not difference in our ways. Just difference in the pigment of our skin.

Let us walk that walk, where we, hand in hand, shed our differences, and look at each other as persons, not as black or white or brown. But as individuals, as sparks of G-d.

Because in the realisation of what we are lies a truth. We are, as men, much too elevated in what we are, as to succumb to the race fight.

We should remember who we are, by the grace of G-d we came into this world, and so we still are.

G-d bless the pain and suffering of this who lost their dear ones, may G-d bless America.

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