Ok, this is the situation.

First of all, there seems to be a kind of development in the ideas and the acceptance of the ideas.

We end up, by defining the solution as the moving of the people of Gaza to somewhere else

I know, there will be a lot of discussion on this, and to some, it will seem corse and callous.

But, look at the effect of the continuation of the conflict; endless suffering of not only Palestinians but also the Jews, and the other way around, not only the Jews also the Palestinians

BUT, and this is of the utmost importance, it has to be done in a slow, respectful way. That solidifies the ownership of each of the residents of Gaza. If you have a house in Gaza, you should have a house in the new place.

And it should be done with the respect of the future of Palestinians. We should not just throw them away somewhere, but make sure, that they truly have a vision and a future. Give the new place all the possibilities of a bright future; schools, resources, production capabilities, infrastructure as energy production, water facilities and so on. Make it less cramped and more liveable than what Gazans have today.

This will set a precedent, so that the process will spill into Europe, so we should be careful and make it work.

It will be a stepping stone for humanity, for peace.

G-d bless the will to see this as a will to do good, and make peace. And bless all those Anglicans, who by their sacrifice, in the hospital shed some blood, for a plan, that ends up for people less angry, and more, much more happy. I write this, under the threat of the secret police. They have been hunting me, day and night for a long time, trying to break me. If this is the final piece of my work. Make it happen to the beauty of mankind.

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