The angels came to me tonight, and warned me, that we are loosing the Arab progressives in this war.

When a thing like that occurs, it has deep meaning.

This is what I deduce from the prophesy.

First of all, because of the lack of aim and success of the Rafah operation, we alienating the Muslims.

I understand, and to be honest, I am beginning to lean towards Gantz and Gallant. Which is; we need to see some kind of practical effect of the Rafah operation, otherwise the government will stop, a new head of state will be elected, and a new strategy will be devised.

This is my advice to the Muslim progressives. Let’s wait for another week, and stop the atrocities, with the help of Gantz and Gallant, that is the deadline of the two for the operation.

We have been fighting for over half a year with no effect at all, but suffering of Gazan Arabs and a lot of dead Israeli soldiers.

It is time to stop the current strategy, of it does not yield any foreseeable end of the conflict.

How long is this war going to take?

I hereby pledge my understanding and sympathy for the Arab progressive worry, and I understand that we are the end of this horror, one way or the other.

It will mean, that mr. Netanyahu will stop as the Prime minister of Israel, and I regret that, but he was warned, that that would happen, if he did not bring about some kind of closure.

G-d bless the will to be honest in action, and find peace for all.

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