Protection of the weak

One of the things, that I have also had a really sceptical view on within marxism is the abolishment of the right to ownership. Yes, I know, that, that was how things were conducted in Sparta. BUT in Sparta there was a VERY strong belief in law, AND it was a hermetically closed society.

The reason why Karl Marx abolished the right of ownership, was to curb capitalism. BUT and this is where things seem to be discussable. Right of ownership is a VERY important protection of the weak.

This is in effect in many places. If for instance a poor person has a little shack somewhere, the only way that, that poor person is to keep that shack, is if he or she is protected by the law. Otherwise stronger persons, can just take the shack.

I agree, that uncontrolled capitalism, if it gets to a point, where it is subduing and tyrannizing people is a problem also.

But we still have to think about the little guy as well, and if we take away a central piece of his or her protection, then we have sacrificed one thing to gain another, without really accomplishing much.

To make Sparta work, if you want to do that, you HAVE to think about how it worked, and make it work in this day and age.

Marx missed a whole lot of the basic premises of Sparta, and we have to take the into consideration.

G-d bless the just world we can accomplish, if we UNDERSTAND the ideas of the ancients.

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