Peace treaty

Ok, let me try and explain to Hamas, what it is that mr. Netanyahu is really trying to say.

He is READY for the offer that was on the table earlier. The leadership of Hamas gets to go out of Gaza, and live in a protected country of their own choice.

In return, the last remaining hostages are to be given back to Israel.

That is what he is ready to do.

After this, there is the negotiation of how the power should be in Gaza, I still really believe, that in order to minimize the risk of another Nakba we need to give the people of Gaza freedom.

This essentially means, that Gazan Arabs are administering themselves.

When it comes to physical arms, this HAS to be handled by a neutral group. This could be the Americans or Arab states.

This means, that Gaza has no standing army. It should have a police force of cause, but a police force that only carry small arms and does not have the ability to launch military strikes into Israel.

With this, you have peace.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we act NOW!

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