Your base

Listen princess I think, that I was a little in a hurry yesterday about how to treat power.

First of all, yes I am right in the sense, that you need BUILD A BASE. This means, you have to make a family that works and then try to expand this base with friends.

When you have worked on this for a while you get this wonderful life with a lot of people around you all the time, who are really supportive and loves you for who you are.

From this base, you can then conquer the world.

Like me, I have had a rough time with a lot of things going the wrong way, and my base has been threatened. Ok, I am pretty strong in myself, so I have defended my own family with success.

But I have been quite weak. Now when we are together, I know it is a new relationship, but I can feel, that I am MUCH stronger. You probably feel the same, all of a sudden you can do things that you were unable to do before.

So, this is the effect of having a strong base. As we progress on our little romance and journey of hearts, we become stronger.

It is really important that you do things in the right order. Because if you go out and do a lot of things without having your base in order, you are often too weak to take the windfalls of a public exposure. The press will look into all details of your life, so it has to be pretty tight in terms of ethics.

Now, christianity is having a rebound. This is due to the times. People are looking for deeper answers in this time.

So we will be this example of a way of doing things. People will look at our way of doing things. So we need to be humble about this, and give of our happiness.

If we do that, the whole faith discussion will definitely reach a whole new level.

This is some of what I have been thinking.

Go out and shine, but be careful to build your base along your journey. You should never shine more than what your base can carry.

But it can carry, and as we progress it will carry a whole lot.

G-d bless the will to support those you love. 🙂

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