Listen, my take on the war with Hamas is this; we need to get it over with.

We need to stop worrying, so if there is a chance to get to a place where we have a peace that will prevent another 7 October, we need to do that.

I know, we are a people of warriors, and we hold warrior values high.

But we are also a people in mourning and psychological distress.

We need to find a way to find time to heal the wounds. Get people back to their homes and just have time to talk all this through.

We have been in fight or flight mode for over half a year. This wound will take time in terms of healing.

If we do this however, we can start the debate on what it is we want Israel to be in terms of an ideal of society.

How do we make Israel an Eden, seems to be the question.

We have that option, we need to get there, and find a way to take our priorities in a positive and constructive direction.

G-d bless the healing we need to get to, and start exposing those trauma in order for it to be healed.

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