Post elections

Well, there are several elections these days in Europe, there were the elections in Lugansk and Donetsk, there is the election in Kiev voting for at new constitution and a new president, there are the european parliament voting, and it all points in one direction; the Europeans wants to be free. They are fed up with the elusive elite who are trying, behind their back to control them. So they do the only thing they are truly allowed to do; vote.

It does not comprise much in terms of freedom, but nevertheless, the tool is, if used intelligently, a way to be free. We can actually be free, and free ourselves from the tyranny of the EU, if we chose so. It will cost us, old loyalities will be broken down, but we can do it, and we are doing it.

This is just as Kennedy predicted it; a streenghtening of the regional powercenters and the loss of power in the center. We have seen it numerous times in the historical development. The citizens are treated unfairly, and the rebellion starts. We saw in the rebellion against the catholic church in the 15 century. We saw it individually in the European nations numerous times. It is the way Europe works, for good and bad.

For a long time the European elite have tried to silience me and the readers I have. For me it does not make much sense. I do not fight the European Union. The system is not viable in the long run, all I do is to try to make a path for European nations that will be possible to go travelling after the union breaks down. I think ten or five years ahead from now.

The nations will reemerge in a few years, at least in the consciousness of the citizens, and we need to give them a way to make a positive future sans the union.

Europeans at large are civilized, honest and basically nice people, and they do not want a world filled with chaos. They want the problems we face, creeated by the European Union to be tackled in a civilized and ordered manner. They want the police to handle it, they want the defense to handle it, not streetthugs.

So we need to establish a new European order that is civilized.

Congratulations dear compatriots, we have made a victory! Let us poole our ressources together, and work for a better future, not a racist, a nazist or a fascist future, but a democratic, lawabiding, civilized future. Where our goal is not to create a unified central governemt, but a free world, where our friends may live in security, where our business are prospering, where our neighbours start treating us, as they wish to be treated themselves.

It is about hope, it is about the positive things in life, not the negative. It is about the love that you feel is between you and your children, the warm community of friends and family.

I bless you all the in name of the jews.

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