Protection of the liberals

So finally the political establishment is ready to talk secret police, or just police in regards to the freethinking and often provocative artists, bloggers, journalists, cartoonists and so on.

We are different, I am a liberal conservative, Hedegaard is a liberal marxist, Uwe is a liberal socialist, Jalving is a liberal conservative, Firoozeh is a liberal liberal. We have just one thing very much in common; we are liberals. We are diehard liberals.

We need protection, because we are the kings and queens of democracy. Look at it this way; the guiding principle of a royal house is off cause the ideas of the king or the queen. So an attempt at ridiculing the king or the queen is an attempt on the state as such. In a democracy, the philosophers and different artists who fight for democracy using freedom of speech to criticize and challenge the system, they are the most prestigious and most important. Not because of vanity, but because the embody the good principle of democracy; challenging the taboos to develop the society at large.

So, as the queen is protected in Denmark, by the police, the defense and so on, the liberal artists who challenge the system should be protected the same way. In Denmark we have democratic/royal system. So there are two sets of dignitaries to protect.

What about the politicians. Well off cause they should be protected, but the intellectuals should be protected more, because we draw more fire, literally. Why? Because the enemies of democracy will off cause target the core of the system. It is like in the second world war; killing Hitler would have made the second world war over, or Churchill. It is in this light, that the Charlie Hebdo attack should be seen, and in this light, that the lack of security should be seen. Would the police allow the islamists as close to the queen of Denmark as they let them get close to the cartoonists? Never! The entire policeforce and military would sacrifice themselves before the islamists could get to the queen, as is of cause right and important, since she embodies the principle of the royal house.

In practise however, it is a bit more difficult. Most of us artist are living normal lives, we have children in the kindergarten, jobs that are no always compatible with a high security risk. I have a job as a caretaker of handicapped children, and many of my colleagues are without jobs, simply because it is very difficult to get a job, when the employer runs a very big risk employing you. Some do not care, live on the streets, some are so famous they can live from their art, some go on the dole.

My point is, there are many different situations at hand with liberals who are so diehard, that they are willing to risk everything to criticize, we are an odd, often strange collection of people with very different needs.

Here are some of the basic needs:

1. Information. We need to know the security risk assessment of situation we are in. The PET are not as good as MOSSAD, but they are not bad either. So they know things, we need to know them as intellectuals, to plan our moves.
2. Safehouses. In situations of stress and heightened security, we need places we can go to, to be protected. Think about it as bunkers in the second world war.
3. Economical aid. When you are wild, people do not give you job. You can call it berufsverbot, lack of courage, the fact of the matter is, that getting a job as a freethinking spirit is next to impossible. I do not blame the employers, I understand, but it has to be tackled somehow. If an intellectual is threatened and cannot find a proper job, give him a grant of a limited time, until his situation is stabilized and the jobmarked opens again.
4. Family protection. If the islamists cannot get to the intellectual, they try the family. The closer the better. I once had threats to my niece, and PET are actually using my own daughter against me now, so they know the drill. Turn it around, protect the families of the intellectuals instead of using them as ressources of pressure.
5. Hotlines. If a situation is under way, we need an alarmcenter we can call, or better an alarm system installed that can warn the police. If something happens, it will be trained killers, so you do not wish to put normal policemen into that situation, they will be gunned down. So the task force set up protecting the intellectuals should have combat training, and even better; combat experience. An idea could be to hire some of the vets of Afghanistan or Iraq to do the job.
6. Rigging the homes of all possible targets. We need alarmsystems, videofeeds, 24/7 surveillance.
7. Weapons training of the intellectuals. I have been discussing this with some of my friends. The best security is that you yourself can handle the situation. So we need training with guns, clearance for holding a gun, and some sort of martial arts training. An idea could be Krav Maga, it is the most efficient.
8. Contact with the security system on a daily basis. The police needs to know what we do or where we are, we need to know what the current risk is.
9. Sharing of experience. Set up groups of intellectual who share experience of the situation, how to handle it, the worries, plans and so on. It is a very difficult situation to handle. You need to be strong, but united with others in the same situation, you are able to cope better.

G-d bless the willingness to look at things afresh, and find a true way to protect the victims of the islamists.

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