The way of spirit

In these times of insecurity and yet hope, one may try to understand which way we might chose to create a better world.

According to the philosopher Anaxagoras, G-d chooses the most complex and beautiful way. It is like civilization. Is civilization simple or complex? Civilization is off cause complex, that is why the world needs philosophers, because philosophers reduce the complexity into something understandable. He syntethises many layers of understanding and many variables into complex and yet balanced systems. As democracy in a French variant. It is complex and beautiful; rationality, humanism, freedom of expression, the social contract, the spirit of the laws. Advanced, beautiful thoughts.

This advancement will often have to fight simplicity, or the simple answers. As now with the Islamists. The Islamists believe that a crude and ruthless interpretation of the roots of Islam is the answer. The lure lies in the simplicity. It is easy to understand; the bright, simple way of ridding the world of impurity and leaving only the ethical and sound.

But is it right? No it is wrong, because G-d seeks not simplicity, he seeks the understanding of all the virtues involved, of all the differences, of all the complexities of the world.

Look at the soaring eagle, as it flies above us. Is that a simple creature? No the beauty of that creature lies in the fact, that it is absolutely in tune with its surroundings, it flies in extremely complex patterns, each feather adjusted to the wind and the ability to fly.

This is the way of G-d, and only if we really shed the blindfolds, will we be able to truly accept and be in full connection with the world of G-d.

It is easy to kill and destroy, it is difficult to construct.

Those who do construction are those who are in favor of G-d, otherwise we will not understand the ups and downs of the spiritual realm.

G-d bless the will to build and not to destroy.

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