Rebuild and reconstruct

Now, there seems to be some kind of initiation of “progressive” communities in the US.

Let me be clear about one thing, if you do not understand the basic principles of how to make a society, there are some pretty awful pitfalls here and there.

Let me explain the basic buildingblocks of society, to perhaps help these new initiaries.

In the wild, where tribalism and the natural tendencies of man rule. There is no justice, only the rule of the strong.

The one with the biggest gun or largest coterie of strong men rule.

That is actually how international politic work, the rule of the strong.

Now, Marxism preaches, that in order to make a “just” society, you need to abolish law, defund the police and so on. This is an idea he came up with in one of his books, so we have anarchists and free societies.

Karl Marx, a Jew of, most probably, my own family. Trier, my surname, is where he grew up, my Jewish family comes from there and so on, he had some good ideas and bad ideas.

One of them, to my mind is to envision anarchy as the end result of his development. Why? Because he did not have acces to texts of Hammurabi the founder of law.

If he had had that, he would know, combined with reading Plato, that law is there to put down the rule of the strong, and protect the weak.

Ideally the police is the MOST important protector of the weak, thereby ruling out the rule of the strong.


Law is, if it really work, a protection for the little guy.

So by taking that element out of the equation, he effectively reenabled the rule of the strong.

So the basic building block of society has been, since Hammurabi, the rule of law.

It is, essentially what makes us civilised.

On top of that you can have a feudal system, democracy, Marxism whatever you want. But taking away the basis will just plunge society into chaos, and out of chaos the warlord will emerge. Usually it is some kind of ganglord.

We don’t want criminals to run our society. That will only bring down the society for real.

So, where does that lead to?

It leads to the fact, that what we want now, is not the abolishment of these institutions, but renew them, bring back service, justice and freedom.

But do it a way, that it has no stench of racism, in any direction.

Law can be corrupted, as it is usually is these days. The law enforcement do not hold up justice as an ideal, but abuse their power to “control” the populace. That is simply to stop too much trouble.

But there are good cups here and there also.

That is the messy world we have. No-one is perfect, but the rules stay the same.

Getting rid of the corruption is what it is about, not defunding or destroying, but rebuilding in a better and less corrupt version.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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