Moral corruption

Now, listen. I want to tell you a secret, that took me quite a long time to glean from history. You probably know this secret, and many of my readers are already following the basic principles of it, unknowing what it really is.

But knowledge is power in your life.

So here it comes.

We talk about paradise, right? The American dream is essentially to recreate paradise here on earth. A place, where people are happy, and there is an end to all problems. A place where kids are getting wiser than yourself, and you have hope.

This place is a mythical place, somewhere we do not really understand the reality of, and therefor do not take that serious.

That is a mistake, it was a place called Eden or Eridu, the first city.

See? The idea of a society that makes people happy and content, is a story in the bible, but the secret is, that it is the first city of civilisation that man made.

So the process of recreating paradise is a POLITICAL process. Something we can do here on earth, right now, if we choose to.

That is the secret.

But then again, how do we go about doing that? Again, it is really quite simple, bible tells us some of the ideas, and we have to look in a few other places to know the rest, mainly greek philosophy to understand how it all works.

At a personal level, it is not about blaming others, it is about you yourself getting your family to work.

These days the families suffer, due to the inability of the man of the family to strap up and take responsibility.

Men wants bling and easy fun. That destroys the family, and kids pay.

That is the truth right there.

WE as men, have to put ourselves to the grindstone and start working. Not for ourselves, but for our kids.

That is, we need to sacrifice ourselves, to make a frame around those we love.

Women are difficult, and sometimes impossible to live with, but it is OUR responsibility to be a man, man up, and start that hard work it is, to be a good father.

That is a start.

The next level, the level of society, is, firstly, to be a part of a good community.

A good community, is a community, where things are run efficiently and according to strict rules of acceptance of each other.

This is where understanding, and acceptance comes into play.

But also the ability to help those who have less.

Community will only work, if we work together, if we share goals and do not fight over scraps.

Thirdly there is the city itself. Here we have the law, framed around a system called a Republic. That is a division of Power in three. Legislative, judges and the police.

Each, ideally, holding each arm responsible for not abusing power.

We also ideally, have the press to make a place where these things can be criticised openly without the fear of the government.

Add to the education and science plus a healthy military.

And a sound banking system.

That is the face of a Republic, and handled right, it gives people a shot at the American dream.

Loosing that is the stupidest, most heartbreaking thing. Because it would mean, that our kids would live in a world, that is not happy and they cannot dream of a brighter future.

So instead of tearing down the construct that our ancestors, black and white have fought so vigourosly to make, we should look at the places where the PRINCIPLES of the Republic is lost and things have corrupted. Because that is the true problem right now. Not just economic corruption, but more importantly, MORAL corruption, and start fixing that.

Make police be just, media be free, families be loving again.

Then, just then, do we have a shot at making a frame around our kids, that is sound.

But right now, the good man is isolated, and every body is pointing fingers at each other. No reconciliation.

We need to step down, and look at each other again, and stop the blame game. Put our noses to the grindstone again, and start that impossibly hard work it is to make a dream come trough.

But seeing your kids being happy, that is all it is about.

Remember that, and we do have a shot at fixing these things.

G-d bless the dream of a country called United States of America.

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