The great Russian religion, is a behemoth that has never truly realized itself. In its conception it was an arm of the Byzantine Roman Church. A vast complex theory and ideas, that has roots all the way back to the Nicea convention.

But through the millennia, the abundance of spirit in Russia never truly connected with the roots of the men of north.

All the lore and ancient practices of the original inhabitants never truly was realized in the Russian church.

We still remember it here in Denmark, how your ancestors went to the amazing Miklagaard as we called it, returning with bright colored, brazen clothes.

Through many dark years, Russia, or the great Rus, was transformed from the brightness of the Thinge to the darkness of war and warfare.

Corrupting the body of the Russian people.

But through the millennia, the little flame of faith still were kept by a few faithful. Keeping the books, keeping the light aflame. Going into the wild, to keep the lore.

Reconciling all the little items of Russian folklore, strength, warmth and spirituality, is a thing we need to remember these days.

Spirituality is a good thing, if it contributes to the wellbeing and soundness of the people.

If people are strong in faith and happy as they are.

As I see it, mr. Putin has been a beacon of that development. Things have soured between east and west, but I still believe that there is a path of peace between the two great parts of the Danish and Swedish diaspora.

The founder of my faith here in Denmark, the great Grundtvig, envisioned a strengthened bond between all who come from us, and I have tried to be the instrument of that development.

So that we can all become happy and content wherever we live.

I know that my hoejskole is a small and insignificant school, but the wreathed frescos of Thor and his fight with the Midgaardsorm, the beautiful rays of light that envelops the hall of speaking is the birthplace and holy hall of all that come from us.

We keep the light here, and let us all remember who we are.

G-d bless a renewed Russia, may it live for another thousand years.

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