Well, I have wanted to go to Oxford again, and it is a bit of a challenge. I got sidestepped because the Americans showed interest, but still I want to go to Oxford.

I have given it a bit of thought. I know, that from the outside I am seen as a bit of a wild creature. I am out here fighting the wildlings waving my wand, sending off spell after spell.

But there is another side of me, that I have not had the opportunity to show the world. That is me as a truly civilised person.

I know that when fight in the wild, it seems all hair, swords and burning wands, but when I am at a school, I am another person.

My own school Vallekilde, that is the equivalent to Oxford in Denmark, was founded by my great-grandfather Ernst Trier. He was the leading intellectual at his time.

Then there has been many leading academics and artists in my family. Like the van Gogh family is the leading artist family in Holland, Trier is the same here in Denmark.

What I am trying to say is, you should definitely not worry that I will misbehave or start doing things at the school. On the contrary, I come there because I like to teach.

I really miss teaching, and besides from Vallekilde there are no other place I would rather like to teach than Oxford.

I feel like drawn to that place somehow, I cant explain it.

But here comes the agenda that I would like to propose, and hopefully we can make it happen.

G-d bless the will to do good, and save the Anglican church.

Link to agenda: Introduction seminar Oxford v2

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