I truly believe, that I am a good person. I might not be perfect, who are? But I have always tried to look at the world, and do what is good. 

Doing good is somehting philosophers have discussed for millenia. Aristotle claims that good is a final epitomic virtue called happiness. Plato talks about the good, the beautiful and the true is the same. 

I believe that both are right, but there is more to it. For me, I can say, that it is often something about a feeling that I get. 

I remember when I was in Salvador fifteen years ago. I am a dancer, and we ended up there with my dancegroup. 

Salvador is an evil city. When we walked the streets there, we were met by people who wanted to sell small children for sex. There was a lot of violence, darkness hiding in the corners. 

In contrast to this, there was also cultural groups that were good, and a few writers. But the city of sin is not only Rio de Janerio it is as much Salvador da Bahia.

When I worked in IT I made a lot of money, but I ended up leaving the business, because there were so much darkness in the business. The companies cheated the customers. Whole schemes of how to make money on customers, without really giving them anything. 

Now, I am in politics, and there is also a lot of corruption there. Too much it seems sometimes. In Denmark they continously try to shut me down, they call me all kinds of names, and believe that I am “controversial”. When it is controversial to confront the sins of your country, then we are truly in trouble. 

But what is goodness really? Apart from the philosophical discussion, I also, deep in my heart, believe that goodness is a sense. You can feel it, if you are tuned to goodness, if your are tuned to spirit. 

Helping a friend is good, being honest is good, trying to support your family is good, helping your country. 

Bottom line, to be a good person will lead you to a better live, and may save religion. But it will also give you many enemies, especially those who are full of sin. 

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients. 

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