So,  in my attempt of helping the UK,  the development of my little seminar has so far been,  that the conservatives in the US are interested.  Imagine that.  

I have given a little thought to that,  and honestly I think that that is a good thing.  Ideas are free in the sense,  that I do not own them,  and anybody can use them as they want.  

But to reiterate, my attempt to support the Democratic part of the American political life,  I have made something for you as well. 

It may not seem as much,  but it is the best that I can do at the time.  If you want,  I would be happy to come over,  and try to discuss some of the issues that has been at the center of my work with Mr.  Obama.  Thereby keeping his light alive.  

For me it has always been very important to unite the country and not contribute to a fragmentation.  So I sincerely believe,  or rather it is my ardent hope,  that my work will be a work of continuous reconciliation.  Therefor I am really happy that the conservatives are open as well.  

In practise,  there is a problem about funding.  Currently there is none,  so to make a trip possible,  a small amount of funding needs to be found somewhere.  Just the plane ticket and perhaps a welcoming home somewhere,  that is all that is needed.  

The seminar is attached below,  and you can see,  that I have tried to touch on some of the main issues that has been up in the presidency of Mr.  Obama.  The angle could be changed depending on who will invite me.  I hope it is parts of the political establishment,  and the media including bloggers. 

It is not a competition on who gets me first.  I will be fair,  and I will not prioritize someone over others.  All are truly welcome.  

That said,  if you want to invite me.  Please send a mail,  and I will be happy to respond.  

G-d bless, and may we find a new path in this life,  that will guide us to a better world. 

Link to seminar:

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